Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Megaupload Blocked??

I had to say this, but I think Malaysian government has blocked Megaupload!

That means I can't access it anymore and also mean that I cannot download my korean dramas from it anymore! Aigoooo...

I even paid for the premium account and it is my first time pay for a downloading account!
And my drama "Can You Hear My Heart" is only half way downloaded!
10 episodes more...
Aigoo aigoo.....

I wish to go some other country now, just to access megaupload, download as much as I can, and then come back to beloved Malaysia.

How I wish.....
Let's go JB!
Then cross over to Singapore! :D

*suddenly it sounded logic, since I'm on holidays now... Heh!*

-Because life is a test-



  1. Akmar, just change your DNS. you can google search "streamyx block megaupload" in lowyat forum. (: then you would be able to continue downloading.

  2. bypassing the blocked site isn't that hard, akmar.

  3. Wern Ching, I changed! And I downloaded happily! :D

    hahaha.. yup2, x susah rupanya. Bru igt kna travel to Spore.. Hahah..