Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Layout and Life So Far

Noticed it? I put up a new blog background, and changed the fonts. I may get bored with this layout after some time, but for now just let it be.

Yesterday I went to do the letter of good conduct, for Manchester Univ required me to post one copy to them. It's funny to think that my attitude in the whole life has been summarised into one simple letter; the letter of good conduct.

Anyway, something unimaginable happened late last night.
I received a shocking call from a shocking someone, talking about some shocking topics.
But of course, I would not want to disclose it here. In fact, I'll never do that.
Only some people will know about it :)

Today, I planned to do my health status declaration; another requirement by MU.
And I've just finished one episode of "Can You Hear My Heart".
It's been a really long time since I watched Kim Jae Won on screen; but this time he looks extra-too-fair la, what more for a man.

Ok bye.
Want to prepare lunch; my mum made me agree to house-managing crash course which includes cooking!

-Because life is a test-



  1. Salam.

    He's whiter than me - and I'm white!






  2. P.S.

    Good conduct letter. eeeww.

  3. Haha.. He's not only white, but pale too.
    There was a scene in the drama where someone offered to donate some blood to him. :p

  4. "There was a scene in the drama where someone offered to donate some blood to him." - very appropriate.