Sunday, June 19, 2011


Assalammualaikum. :)

I'm back from the so-called 5 day brainwash program.
From which aspect has my brain been washed? What's new and what's left?

What if I suddenly say, I am an avid supporter of the government now, for they do everything with the people's best interests in their minds?


I wouldn't say that.

But I would certainly say that I know more about Malaysian constitution now, having it being shoved into our minds almost every hour. Perkara 3, perkara 152, 153, 14, 15, 16.
The Constitution study was done like a Quranic study. Refer to this "perkara" and that "perkara".

And now, I feel like owning a copy of the constitution :)

From this course, I understand that the constitution is a very important guideline, to ensure that our country can function smoothly.
But it is also pertinent to remember that the constitution is man-made, and unlike the Quran, is subjected to errors and can be corrected.

So yes, from now on before I start condemning anything I would refer to the constitution first.

What's Good About BTN

Even if I do not fully agree with the agenda of BTN, there is one good thing I can definitely say about the BTN in Kem Bina Negara Meru, Kelang.
And I am sure more than 90% of the participants will also agree to this.

The trainers rock!
The trainers are ex-commando in Malaysian army, and they are super nice to us.
All of them are old people, some can be considered atok pun.
But they are cute, because they are funny and caring.
They called us chencalok, they called one of us "Panjang", they called us sembelit and all sorts of funny names, but in a very non-offensive way.

I did repelling for the first time in my life, climbing down a 40 feet wall, facing the sky. It's a not-to-be forgotten experience and fear =]

And the new friends, are cool.
I'll just write their names here, even though they won't read it.
But this is just to remind me of them, when I read this post again, few yrs from now. =)

Kumpulan 3
1) En Abd Halim Mohd Shah
2) En Saat bin (Ahmad?)

1) Akmar
2) Nabilah Zakaria (IMU)
3) Amanda Liew (IMU)
4) Noemi bt Ridzuan (KDU College - Economy to Washington Univ, US)
5) Siti Naqiah (KDU College - Economy to Washington Univ, US)
6) William Lai (KDU College - cant rmember course - Virgina Univ, US)
7) Mohd Afif Syakir (KDU College - Petroleum Engineering to Univ of Tulsa, US)
8) Intan (KDU College - forgot the course and univ)
9) Hana Atikah (Taylor's College - Accountings - Univ of Tulsa)
10) Muhd Zulfahdli (Cempaka International School - Chemistry and Molecular Physics to Nottingham Univ, UK)
11) Bruce Sui (Cempaka International School - Biotechnology - frgot the univ)

So yea, if ever I meet them again, I hope I'll remember them.

p/s: A lot of things to write, but I do not want to make this post too long, ppl will get bored.

-Because life is a test-



  1. Assalamualaikum> :)

    Hye there Aqmar! Nice post! COngratulation on your winning ticket to Ireland, it was my dream back then to study there, hehe.

    Allow me to introduce myself, well, surprisingly, i'm an avid reader of your blog! I really love to hear all your stories,they went off so interesting to me. Keep it up well yaa :D

    May Allah bless you wherever you are, cheers!

  2. Wkslm.

    Hye Farrah :)
    JPA put me in the Ireland group but I was matched to Manchester, UK instead. But Manchester had been my dream univ since dulu :D

    And wow, I didnt know I have a silent reader. :)
    I read ur blog too sometimes, but bcos u did not write that often so mcm slalu lupa nk baca.

    U too, may Allah bless u!
    Medic stdnt gk kn?
    If x salah, CUCMS?

  3. Wow, that's awesome! UK is not bad I guess. All the best Akmar :)

    I wish to keep updating my blog everyday, but hell ya, I was pretty busy with my new house. :D hehe

    And yup, saya medic student from cucms!! I went to your school's event last time : GaZa We Care, and I saw you actually hahah

    Do come to cucms whenever you're free k !

    Cheerios :)