Monday, June 13, 2011


Assalammualaikum :)

I hvnt been writing for quite a long time, and it was not because I had nothing to write about, it was because I had no time to write it out.
Since the last day of my exam and the matching result release date, I have been doing all sorts of activities, not sitting quietly at home. And it showed when I finished my full petrol tank in less than a week! :S

Anyway, I have just finished packing for BTN (Biro Tatanegara); a program we JPA sponsored students have to go for a pre-departure program.

I heard a lot about this program, some say it is a "brain-washing" program; to indoctrinate us young students before going abroad.
Some say it is a very good program, instilling patriotism among us.
Some say it is boring.

But they all said one same thing; this program teaches us History, which I believe is of Malaysia.
And I can't wait to learn it.

You see, History itself is a very good indoctrinating material.
Because it can be looked at from a lot of perspectives; and from there, a stand is built.
So I really want to know from which perspective will this program make us look from.

And I will just clear my mind, forget whatever presumptions I had about this program, and see it the way I see it, without any influence from other people's view.

And some seniors said they will take our handphones, leaving us with only public phones to survive on. But some say they did not. I guess it really depend on which centre are we sent to.
So I might not be reachable for the next 5 days!

InsyaAllah, I will write what did the program teach us there :)

-Because life is a test-


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  1. hmm iyekan je la apa yang diorang cakap time btn tu ye. have fun :D