Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pre-Ramadhan Holiday!

O yea! Tomorrow is already Ramadhan! :D

I hv had my holiday since 2nd June 2011, how long has it been?
Err...almost 2 months?
Hahaha...I bet I weigh more than I was during EOS5 now :(

And for this past two months, I have done wonders...things I've nvr done before.
I went to watch like, 4 movies?
Cantonese, English and Malay movies. Unfortunate or not, I did not watch any Hindustani movie, heh...

That may sound normal to some people but definitely not to me. I watch an average of two movies in cinema per year :p
And usually, only when the movie has been released for more than 3 weeks.

I also became the driver and the big mam of the hse when my parents went for their Jakarta holiday and Umrah trip for almost 20days. Went marketing every weekend, and decide what to cook for that day.
Do my errands and not forgetting to fetch my brother and sister from school.

I went to wall climbing twice, and climbed Broga Hill once; this morning; the last day of Syaaban :) with my brothers and maid.



And a whole lot more fun stuff!
Says who holidays are boring?

But anyway, since Ramadhan is coming, I have to slow down.

That's all I guess.
Hope to write more interesting stuff nxt time. :p

p/s: Streamyx speed is giving me headaches and heartaches. And unifi......even more :(

-Because life is a test-



  1. good looking brothers! ;P

    selamat berpuasa, akmar ^__^

  2. Haha.. thanks! they sure will be glad to know ur compliments! *but i might not tell them la.. :P*

    selamat berpuasa too, hazirah! ^^

  3. Unifi giving you headache? I tot it's suppose to be the fastest internet service available in Malaysia?

    Wah... climbing? I haven't done that in years... Nice, happy post !

    Love the attached picture !! I'm stealing it !

  4. Yeaa.. unifi missed my street so no coverage for my hse. The other streets in the taman got coverage.. :(

    haha.. u're telling me that u're stealing it?
    it's not called steal la then...
    feel free to take it! :)