Monday, August 22, 2011

24hours Before Leaving Malaysia

Luggage packed? NOPE.

House got? NOPE (Made two appointments)

Documents for immigration border ready? NOPE

Said goodbye to relatives? CHECKED

Said goodbye to friends? NOPE; will send smses aft this post.

Installed Skype in house PC? CHECKED.

Changed RM into pounds? NOPE.

Emptied my wardrobe? NOPE

Raya cookies? NOPE.

Put my notes into boxes? NOPE

Have enough sleep? NOPE

Wow...with some many things undone, what on earth am I still doing in front of this laptop?!

Better get going now!


-Because life is a test-


1 comment:

  1. I hope you are not reading this (as I would like to think your time is being spent trying to resolve the issues above) but at the same time I hope you do read this 'cos it may just help.
    You MAY like to check out the local Mosques for news of any good priced vacancies. You MAY want to consider just renting a room in a family house - which again might work out cheaper BUT may isolate you a little bit.

    Bon Voyage Akmar...
    I hope things work out for you.