Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Was it The Clouds or The Sea?

It’s 1.54am London time, and 8.54am Malaysian time. I’ve been on the plane for 9hrs 54mins now. The plane was supposed to take off at 2340 but it finally took off at 0020. I’ve put my seat to the maximum level of inclination yet I still feel it’s too straight for me to sleep on ☹ I’m having a back pain now. I have 3hrs 40mins more to reach Heathrow, London; that is 5.33am London time.

I am writing this on the plane and of course I’ll just save this is as a Word document and copy paste it into my blog once I get to go online. My seat is 56C, which is just next to the aisle but since Li Chyuan has longer legs, and he asked to swap, I am now happily on his seat, 56A which is just next to the window! *grin grin*

I get to see the clouds when we were still on Malaysian sky. Now it is too dark, I can only make up the plane’s wing (is that what u call it? Wings as in bird wings?) =.=” Eventhough I enjoy sitting next to the window, moving out of this row of seats to the toilet is so ma fan. I hv to cross over Kak Najwa’s bag and thank God Lii Chyuan has the courtesy to stand up to make way and not let me cross in front of him too. That got me wondering, I am a moderate size Asian girl, and I find it hard for me to move out of this 3 seats row, how would a big European man find it? Would he minimize his needs of going to the toilet, or would he just be indifferent and not care? Hahaha….

The toilet is very small and fortunately, clean. There is a little child crying now, perhaps he/she’s starting to be anxious and restless; being stucked on his seat for 10hrs already. Pity him.

What happened in the airport 12hrs before this was like a dream to me. I was supposed to reach KLIA at 6pm to check-in, and I was at least 20mins late. Diana was right, she said I might just need to rush out of the hse to the airport, like how I rushed out of hse for everything else ;p

MAS gave us 25kg and my luggage was 27.6kg! So the officer asked me to take some things out. After transferring my only two pairs of baju kurung into my hand-carry luggage, I managed to reduce the weight to 26.7kg (now I know 2 pairs of kurung weigh almost a kg!) Thank God the officer agreed to let my luggage pass eventhough I exceeded the 25kg maximum weight, heh…

Ain made a surprise visit! She did not tell me she’ll come to KLIA to see me off so I was really shocked when I saw her walking with her parents towards my family. Diana also came , alone by ERL! She went back after breaking fast.

After checking in, we had some photo sessions and my Pakngah treated us at Eden; a restaurant in the departure hall. I am sure that meal cost him a bomb but nvm, he said that was my parting gift; so generous of him I pray that he’ll be blessed. After Maghrib prayer, we have a briefing at 8.30pm, there were 14 of us boarding this MH002 plane to London; 8 will continue to Manchester, 5 to Southampton and 1 to Belfast.

We were given 30minutes after the briefing, to say our goodbyes to relatives and friends. Farahin, Athin, Mizah, Ijjlal, Eka, Sakinah, Asyraf, Syahril, Hanis, Lokman, and some other friends whom I either do not know their names, or did not notice them, or forgot to mention their names came to see us off. That’s so nice of them :)

So yea, when I hugged each and every one of my family members; the women in my family cried, except for Aisyah, my little sister. Cis… Hahhaha… My mum did not cry much, she had been crying every time she hugged me for the past two months so I guess over time she had become stronger. My Maksu cried, Kak Ra also cried, Opah too. Opah was crying because she’s afraid she might not be able to see me anymore, what with her old age; and I told her to wait for me. My mum even asked her to wait till I come back, get married and give her a great-grandchild. Hahha….so yea, Opah, wait for me!

I did not cry, I do not know why. As I am writing this, I am near to Pavlograd and Krementchurg; God knows where those places are. Istanbul was also in the map, so I guess I am somewhere there. Hahaha,,,, 2561km to London....hmm…that’s FAR!

After boarding the aerotrain, Ah Kiew, Syahid and me walked around the Satellite terminal, looking for drinking water. At last we paid RM2.80 for a bottle of drinking water! That’s 5x the price of a Giant drinking water! :(

My friend called, and asked how was I feeling. I didn’t know what was I feeling; mixed up. Sad as I have to leave my friends and family but excited too to reach UK. Perhaps the sad part was less than the excited part. But, as soon as my plane started to move, very slowly at first, it came as a pang to me. I realized then, I really am going far. Only then do I feel like crying..haha.. But of course, I did not. And when the plane really took off, I whispered “Goodbye, Malaysia”.

Okay, I shall sleep again now. It’s 2.28am London time, and 9.28am Malaysian time. My mother might be in school, teaching, my youngest brother in school, having his PMR trial, Wasil and Aisyah in campus and school, studying perhaps, my father driving his boss, while my maid; Kak Ra hanging the clothes.

I shall write again when I have the time!
Till then, love from MH002, 11, 604m high above the sea level, seat 56A.

-Because life is a test-


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