Thursday, August 25, 2011

What is Jet Lag Anyway?

Assalammualaikum! Yes, I am writing from Manchester, Fatin's house! :)

And I've just woke up from an almost 12 hours sleep *blush*
Is that what you called jet lag?
I don't know. But ystrday, at abt 6pm here which is almost 1 morning in Malaysia, Ah Q and I just cannot open our eyes anymore. So we put our heads on the pillow and......the rest is history.
I have just woke up and performed my prayer.

I noticed most of the houses in Manchester are like boxes. They are squares and rectangles, unlike the houses in Malaysia, or my place at least. All of them look the same, with red-brown bricks.

I posted my first abroad post yesterday morning while I was in the BMI (British Midland Airways) lounge. And I spent my first hour there searching for my misplaced phone topup ticket. Silly me! I found it in one of my new bag pockets.

While KLIA has aerotrain connecting terminals to terminals, Heathrow has a shuttle bus

In the lounge with Ah Q

I then boarded a plane from Heathrow to Manchester. Guess what?
I think KLIA is more beautiful and new than Heathrow and Manchester airports.
Hahahaha... Congrats Tun Mahathir!

In Heathrow, waiting to board the plane to Manchester

Upon reaching Manchester, Ah Q, Lii Chyuan and me took a cab to Fatin's house.
The taxi driver was one the first few English ppl we interacted with and oh my...we can't catch what was he trying to say. He was asking if we'd like to hear some music, and when he sees all of us frowning our eyebrows, he kept quiet, switched on his radio and increased the volume. Then all of us laughed.... He said we'll get used to the accent as time goes.

In the cab

Once we reached Fatin's house, after washing our faces and all, we set off to walk to the univ (no, we are not THAT excited to study, just that we have a health check up appointment 1 hour aft that)
So yea! We started our first exploration in Manchester!
These are the pictures from Ah Q's camera, and I was holding it so of course, I am not in the pictures.

I had a meningitis vaccination, and a blood test done on me at the health check up arranged by the univ.

We walked along Oxford Road, where we can see faculties of the university scattered around.
But sadly, there were a lot of smoking women around. I pitied smokers, what more women smokers. Don't they know smoking will make them older faster? :(

And one more thing, there are a lot of colourful hairs here...Hahahaha...
I saw a woman with bright purple hair, bright red, green and turquoise. One scene rarely seen in Malaysia. :)

Okay, today I will be going to Preston by train. I made appointments with the property agent to view some houses. I hope I will be able to get a house in a day or two. :)

Wish me all the best!

Btw, check this out! "Hollywood's worst British accents ever"

-Because life is a test-



  1. Please help me for Christ sake.

  2. Salam Akmar :)
    Oxford Road (at the Rusholme part - famous for its plentiful and reasonably affordable 'Pakistani' curry houses) is unusual as it's a kind of melting point where the very very poor and the quite wealthy meet. There are some very fancy houses just off the beaten track but I'd say, the majority of houses in the area belong to the poor. Overall, that part of Manchester is a 'poor' area, which in a way is good for students as it means there is a lot of cheap accommodation there and the price of goods is cheap, plus there are many shops and halal food is readily available due to the high proportion of Muslims.

    My best wishes to all 3 of you (my ex-stu's) by the way.

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  4. Wkslm :)

    Yep, my friend is staying in Rusholme. I wasn't really sure how to pronounce it correctly so when I mentioned my destination to the bus driver ystrday, I made it sound like a lighter "rush home". Hahaha...

    Yes, a lot of halal food here. I can grow fat here. Hahaha...
    Fortunately we came during the fasting month so I hv limited time to try them all. :)