Saturday, August 27, 2011

You are Neat and Tidy, Aren't U?

That was the question asked by our property agent. He said they will have to see the tenants and match them with the house environment. Apparently they do not show all available houses to all tenants. I wonder if he hid some of the houses from us ;p

He said if he were to show that last, nice, big house to a tenant who'd like to party and get drunk, they'll go crazy with the hse. I can imagine that. The hse is big and nice, can fit A LOT of people for a gathering. A nice gathering will be amazing, but an uncontrolled one will be....ERK!

At night, in one of the kebab store. While waiting for the kebab, we had Faluda, that famous dessert, according to Fatin. Frankly, I find it too sweet

Anyway, at the end of the appointments, we had two choices. A very near to the hospital house, and a hse which will need us to take a bus unless we hv vry strong legs and ample time to walk. It's abt 1.4miles away from the hospital (acc to Google Maps). I plan to buy a bicycle..heh..
But according to Hui Fong, a bicycle in London cost a bomb! So I hope in Preston it'll be cheaper. Or if it is not, I might ask my mum to deliver mine here (sounds foolish but if it is worth it, why not?).

So yea, back to the house choices.
The hse that is near is a quite small hse, but cheaper (£750). Unfurnished, no carpet, and the agent wasn't friendly. We were worried that if something were to happen to the house plumbing etc, we might have to go thru sufferings b4 we can get her to get the landlord to repair it.

On the other hand, the further house is bigger, more expensive (£1000), furnished, carpeted and a vry friendly agent (hope he did not change aft we signed the contract).

Yesterday morning, near the Whitworth Building to get our verification letter to set up a bank account

So after consulting a senior, and discussing among ourselves, we decided to take the.......more expensive house! It's still within our budget, just that we hoped to save more. According to the senior, since we are very2 new here, and need a place to stay urgently, it'll be better if we take the one ready for us to move in. The contract is for 6 months so, aft 6 months if we find it unaffordable or unsatisfactory, we can always move into another house.

Even after haggling, the landlord refused to reduce the rent but he agreed to put in a few more furnitures for us (the house was empty when we viewed it).
So we asked for a bed and cupboard in each room, a dining table, a set of sofa, a washing machine and a dryer, a cooker, a refrigerator, a microwave oven (which we might not get) and a study table each (which he refused to give).

However, all in all we are very satisfied with the house.
Yesterday Syahidah and Ib met the owner's wife. She's a Muslim with full niqab, wow!
And she was very happy knowing the house will occupied by Malaysian Muslim Medical girl students. I hope this will be a strong reason for them not to increase the rent in case the economy gets worse than it already is now :(
According to the agent, this house worths £400 000 which is almost RM2 mil! =.="
I'm afraid it's too nice for students so let's just see how our financial status is for the next 6 months.

The toilet of the house. Nice leh? Ah Q can't wait to have her shower there. We asked about water heater yesterday. I hope they hv been installed or else I might chose not to have shower. Heh..

The two mannequins in the kitchen. Syahid and me :p

While waiting for the bus to Preston Rail Station. Me and Q learnt to take public transports by ourselves on the 3rd day in UK. *claps claps*

That night, Fatin and her housemate brought us for dinner/break fast at Rice, one of the restaurants near the university.
Funnily, there were a lot of Malaysian foods in the menu; Malaysian spices la, Malaysian chicken satay etc etc. But according to Fatin, the taste is nothing like in Malaysia. I wonder if the owner is a Malaysian, or have got anything to do with Malaysia. Why, of all countries did they choose Malaysia to put into the menu? Just for advertisements?

With this, I gotta end this looooong post.
Have to start packing my luggages. A senior and her husband will be coming to fetch us and drive us to Preston today, Alhamdulillah. At least we do not have to carry those heavy, back-bone-breaking luggages by train again today ;p

I will not have internet connection yet in my new house so I might be "quiet" for the next few days. :)

-Because life is a test-

Japanese Yaki Salmon!


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  1. oh mannn. no hot shower? it's like a death sentence here in Galway. there's no way i would bath in icy cold water.. haha. anyway rent tu ok je kot (is it including the bills?) tapi kalau nak jimat, mcm kitorg masak hari2. hehe alhamdulillah rumah kitorg pun comfy je. glad that u enjoy manchester as much as we love galway ^_^