Saturday, September 24, 2011

Internet, at Last!

Bear with me for a second......

Thank God!!!!!
Internet is here!!!


The technician from Virgin Media reached our house at approximately 3pm today.
He took less than 30 mins to set everything up and our house is now officially not-outdated :p

But since I really had to go out to buy some food, I delayed my internet surfing, just yet.
Kiew and I went out on an adventure; we bought a day-rider bus ticket, which gave us access to all PrestonBus buses the whole day.
So today we took buses without knowing the actual route, to know where the buses can get us :)

Guess what? We had an experience while in one of them!


I did not notice it at first, but after a minute on the bus, I realised that the bus was really filthy. The floor was full of used tickets, empty cans and bottles rolling everywhere each time the bus turns, stops or start moving. And then only I remembered seeing a group of young boys terrorising the seats at the back of the bus when I got in.

They were very noisy, and kinda intimidating and annoying at the same time. They are the type of people I do not want to mess with, for they fear nothing only when there are many of them. And there were 10 of them.
At one point, I think they were trying to do a breakdance on the bus (I wonder how) with a very loud music on one of the phones.

The driver suddenly stopped the bus at the bus stop and yelled at them, telling them to either stop the music and behave or get out of the bus. They yelled back, saying they are not getting off because they paid. But they turned off the music. Then the lady bus driver started driving. After 30 seconds, they restarted the music, slowly and then louder until the bus driver stopped again and yelled at them. Of course, they rebelled but they turned off the music, again.

Once the driver started driving again, they turn on the music, louder than ever and started to make noise. It was very tensed in the almost empty bus. There were only me and Kiew, about 5 other passengers and 10 of them at the back. The driver kept quiet but started driving faster, making an almost 90˚ turn at junctions. Then the boys went a step further and started screaming in the bus. They were saying something like not wanting to get down of the bus, and what can the bus driver do if they refused to get down and things like that.

I felt like turning my heads to them and shoot them a warning look, I'm quite sure they are younger than I am. But then, I'd better not be reckless. I shd just sit quietly there. I started to imagine, should the situation get worse and they wrecked havoc in the bus and the police is involved, I'd give 1000% of my commitment to be the witness on how the boys started it.

The driver pulled off at a bus stop, and ordered them to get off. This time, I'm sure she wasn't just warning them, she meant it. The boys refused, they continued talking out loud, in sentences I can't understand (10 ppl talking at once, too many sound waves to be interpreted).
The driver took out her mobile and called someone. She reported (loudly) the vehicle's registration number and our location.

The boys murmured "police", "help", "reported".
Then they came down, one by one. That was when Kiew counted and found out there were 10 of them.
3 of them waited to talk to the driver, I was not sure what they said to her but I am sure it was not compliments nor appreciations.

They crossed the road and when the bus started moving, surprisingly they started to throw stones at us. One of the stones hit the body of the bus. Fortunately, none of the stone hit the mirror, or my imagination might just come true. And since I was sitting at the side where I'll be badly hit IF the stone hit the mirror, I stopped breathing when I saw them started to cover their faces with their jackets and collecting stones from the ground.

Then, the bus went further from them.
What an experience eh?

Then I rmembered Malaysia.
It's not like we do not have naughty boys there. We do, too.
It's not that we do not have people who are only brave when they are in groups. We do, too.
It's just that, I don't think our naughty boys wrecked havoc in public, as in terrorising a bus, train or the road.
They dared not, I think.

My Study and Internet

Today is 24th Sept 2011. I reached London on 24th August 2011.
That means I am already here for a month!
Time flies! I have 11 + 12 + 12 = 35 months to go (talk about countdowns).

But anyway, this also means I did not have proper internet access for the past one month, and really, I shd be able to study more since there is no distractions.

But guess what, I did not.
At first, there was no study table.
Then I bought a study table.

Then the cold came.
Everytime I sit on the chair, I found myself shivering after 30 minutes.
By the 40th minute, I'll tuck myself under my duvet and started reading.
5 minutes after that, I am asleep.

It is very very cold here that I find hot (not just warm) water a kind of sweet suffering.
We do not switch on the heater in the house because we are afraid of the gas bill, and we're trying to save as much as we can before winter.

And now, my internet is here.
I am afraid it'll distract me even more and I'll study even less.

And ironically, I can sit at my table for more than 2 hours, surfing the net (that was what I've been doing since dinner tonight), still shivering but without feeling the need to go under the duvet. Turns out the cold is more an excuse than a reason to read on the bed.
Talk about double standard, I AM being unfair towards my laptop and books.

Ok, gotta sleep now.
Goodnight UK! And good morning Malaysia!

-Because life is a test-

I dont really mind this kind of stone-throwing



  1. Salam.
    Just noticed this post. It's not that uncommon to come across these 'gangs'. To me it indicates how the society is collapsing each and every day. I think the abandonment of religious faith is the reason why. Glad you and Kiew were OK.

    You gotta be careful with these kind of people. They don't respect much other than the socio-hirearchy within their gang, but I think they usually just get a kick from intimidating people and would stop after some petty action like them throwing those stones. At lest I guess most would not go beyond that.

    These kids have become scum. They don't have to be like that but the society does share some blame for them turning out that way. There's little productive for these boys to do. TV and Hollywood etc glamorise violence (and free-sex, drugs and 'easy money') so it's not to difficult to predict these gangs will pick up such things when they have almost nothing else to do.

    The buses usually have CCTV. LEts hope they were caught on it and the police track them down (although the police are rather dodgy too IMHO, and often can't be bothered to do anything)

    I've not seen anything like what you describe above in Msia, although I noticed men 'checking out' passing women and sometimes saying things to them - which can also be intimidating - but it usually stops there.

    And the British call themselves an advanced society, LOL.

  2. Yeah, that don't mind kind of stone throwing either :) Haha!