Monday, September 12, 2011


I've been deprived from what I consider as one of the most crucial necessities (notice the emphasis), of my life; the internet.

This is gonna be a shot, precise, compact and emotional update, hahahaha...

I am now in the library in the hospital, and they succesfully, evilly, nastily blocked access to yahoomail, and facebook. So I can't read my inbox, and of course my mother's latest reply to me :(

And Diana diana! I wrote my Manchester raya post but it is in my laptop, and I forgot to put it into my pendrive to post it here :( So that raya post might be posted some time end of this week (hope it's not too late).

I've subscribed internet access but unlike Malaysia, the company takes 2 weeks to install the connection into our house! The person in charge shd install it this Thursday, let's hope they do not come while we were in class, and give them another excuse to postpone our installation (happened to us when IKEA delivery came, and happened to our senior's hse too).

I gotta go now.
One thing for sure,
I miss my family.
And I miss Malaysia.

-Because life is a test-



  1. reading this post. no worries :) tc. Miss you already. School havent start. Sem 5 will commence in October.
    Ahaaaaa. The installation ppl doesnt call before they come?
    IKEA Malaysia and telecom msia calls first before they come, cause they wouldnt want to waste time going to places where ppl are not at home receive the service.

  2. 2 weeks? Crikey. That's really lame!
    You say they have to install the connection in your house? So you have no phone like at all? Still, 2 weeks to drop a cable into your house seems too much. Thought about getting a mobile connection?

  3. Yes! 2 weeks!
    Personally I think Msians work harder.

    I'm gonna write a sequelae post insyaAllah!