Monday, September 26, 2011

Thank You IMU!

To any of my IMU juniors or, juniors who are coming into IMU and have the intention to continue into Univ of Manchester (UoM), I have one advise for you. Study well peeps!

Because if you study well in IMU, insyaAllah you wont have a hard time here, because IMU has prepared you enough.
Heh.. Sound like a boast.
No, this is not a boast.
I have to admit first, I did not study hard in IMU, I studied just enough.

Here in UoM, if you are coming directly into third year, like I did, you'll be meeting the students who have been studying in UoM for the past 2 yrs, and St Andrew's students, and some basic science degree holders who wish to take up Medicine.
The students who were from UoM were never exposed to clinical skills and so, the clinical skills classes here start from the very basic, general inspection that is.
But since IMU made us go for clinical skills since first year, the classes here are kind of repetitive.
St Andrew's students, they have been exposed to clinical skills, and OSCE.

So, IMU students can take their time to adapt to the environment, weather and people, for the classes can be considered a form of revision.
So I really am thankful to IMU for the vigorous training AND exams ANd history taking sessions.
They are of real help here. At least I do not have to feel intimidated not knowing how to do things, at least I felt a bit of advantage, knowing how to do physical examinations since I lost a lot from not being able to understand their accent, yet. At least I can hold my head up.

But of course, I cannot take the classes too lightly.
If I do, I'll find myself behind everyone after a few months.
By then, I'll have to start the nerve-wrecking practices and study.
I intend to keep my momentum constant this time, I played a lot during the early semesters in IMU. I hope I'll be able to keep up to that motivation.

But frankly, I really need a lot of effort to do that.
Because I've been in front of my laptop surfing the net in every minute of my "free time" since last night.

Btw today, the Malaysian Student Dept (MSD) officer came to our house in Preston.
She is based in Manchester since there are a very big Malaysian community there. She works for the High Commission of Malaysia and the main office is in London. She visited us, and brought sup daging, meehoon and fried chicken! We cooked rice and I heat up some of the left over chicken soup and we had a splendid lunch :)

Thanks Ms Aribah :)
We invited some of our batchmates too, it was a mini gathering today.

Good Morning Malaysia!

-Because life is a test-




    Let's just hope I get into Manchester ok?

    Bye akmarrr~~

  2. Orkedd!! I miss u larh...
    Okay, i pray that u dpt manchester.
    Tp dpt hospital mana tu, i x berani pray bcos there really are pros and cons in them. So, all the best!!

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