Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Technical Problem

Ok, let me make one tiny confession.
I bought myself a MacBook Pro just days before I left Malaysia.
And I (almost) literally left a hole in my pocket for this laptop I am using now.
So much for a hi-tech, latest, the "in-thing", savvy looking new laptop eh?

Another confession.
I still do not know how to use all the functions.
*should I be embarrassed now?*
This might even come as an offend to Mac users. I don't know why, but Mac users always had this "proud" feeling of using a Mac, that Windows users are considered somewhat less technology savvy by them. But, having said that, this opinion of mine might be a total one-sided generalisation. The Mac users I've seen so far are only among my friends and ALL of them DO mention that MAC is sooo much better than Windows.

Anyway, back to my tech problem, I find it so hard to adjust myself to a Mac.
I know Mac has a lot of functions to offer, compared to Windows.
And it is faster.
But it hangs too! I am not sure if this is just me being too "rough" with my Mac but occasionally, it does get jammed, trying to do all the work I asked it to do at once. It's almost like watching myself wobbling in the Chemistry lab in my early A Level years; knowing I hv to do a lot of things but do not quite know what to do, how to do it and even where to start.
The first time this Mac hang was on my second day in Manchester.
I went to sleep with my laptop not shut down, and opened (unfolded).
The next morning, when I restart it from sleep mode, it just froze.
I suspected (and is still) it was due to the cold weather, haha... The steel might not be able to take such a sudden temperature change (or so I think).
So I learnt my lesson; to at least fold my laptop if I want to leave it for a long time.

And a lot of the functions in Windows aren't there in Mac eg, I can Ctrl+X a file and Ctrl-V it in any folder I want. That's just a simple cut and paste the file to put it in the folder I want it to be in.
But in Mac, apparently to avoid "loss of file" due to users forgetting to Ctrl-Y the file, files cannot be moved by cut and paste.
It HAS to be dragged and dropped from a window to the other.

And I keep finding myself tumbling for shortcuts and functions bcos I don't quite know how it works.
Fine, I know how to do the simple stuff; word, presentation, internet etc.
But I was so much knowledge-able about Windows than Mac.
I found it a bit frustrating to not know at least 60% of this (almost) companion of mine.
Not that I can't learn about it, the shop where I bought it from gave a folder FULL of tutorial videos but honestly I find korean dramas more interesting than those videos.
And it doesn't help by complaining in this blog too, actually.

So now, whenever I came across any problem with any of the functions in Mac, I'll just Google for an answer.
Thank God there are quite a lot of support forums for Mac users out there.
Now, since I've written this out, I think I ought to spend some time to at least watch one tutorial video a day.
Or I wont stop complaining about Mac, and other Mac users will think I've done a big sin (well, that's the impression I always get whenever a Mac user is "shooting down" Windows).

Anyway, fancy this new font?
It's called Neucha.

And yes, I've changed my blog layout again!
When was the last time I changed it?
Man, I really have to keep track of all the blog designs I've used so far.
Let's start now eh?

On the 16th of October, I switched from this:

to this:

'till then!

-Because life is a test-



  1. "I suspected (and is still) it was due to the cold weather, haha... The steel might not be able to take such a sudden temperature change (or so I think)."

    - awat cute sgt??? hahaha

  2. Ahahah... cute ke?
    Siyes weyh, steel ni sejuk je tiap kali pegang dia, x smpat nk panas eventho aku on berjam jam...

  3. Bought yourself a NEW MACBOOK WHEN YOU ALREADY OWN AN iPHONE (hv u jailbreak it) ?? what.was this some kind of tribute towards emcik steve jobs? lols. AND A NEW STETS TOO? wow.banyak spend cik kak? :P :P haha.ur making me jelous laaaaaaaaaaaa.


  4. ORKED!!
    Ahahahaha... u got me wrong!
    Aku belum beli iphone lg...
    Hahahaha.... Stets tu, terpaksa weyh..
    tgh buat heart and lungs module skg, asyik2 kna dgr chest org je...
    Iphone tu....tggu lama skit eh!

  5. perhaps u need this lol