Saturday, December 17, 2011

Messy Post in the Airport

I'm writing this as I am in the queue to get my bag scanned in Manchester Airport. I'm flying off to Dublin in less than an hour to visit dear Ain. But guess what? I hv no clue where she is now, or even if she's gonna fetch me frm Dublin airport later. We hvnt discuss anything bcos she had been busy with her exam which ended only ystrday.

Anyway, I got her address frm a friend and if she doesn't turn up 30mins aft my arrival, I'm gonna take a coach and knock on her door!

Since I'm travelling economically, I didn't pay for any luggage thus I can only bring ,ONE luggage. I've squeezed my handbag into this 10 y.o luggage of mine. And since I'm going for a camping right after this Dublin trip, and I don't wish to wear this "posh" new jacket ofmine to the camping, I had to bring another cheap, waterproof jacket. And since the 2nd jacket cant fit into my luggage, I had to wear two layers! And it was so hot that I almost passed out. Thank God, after the luggage scan, I can take one layer off and hold the spare one.

K now I'm queuing to get into the plane.

Bye! and -Because life is a test- -AkMaR-

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