Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Of Study Motivation

Assalammualaikum =]

Winter break is coming in 5 days timeee!!
Time flies, doesn't it? Oh wait, I think time does not fly, it rockets instead =.="
I can still remember my first day in UK, waiting anxiously in the airport lounge for my connecting flight from Heathrow to Manchester, and the exhilaration walking from Rusholme to Waterloo Place on that very same day. And suddenly now, my first break is here.

There are 4 people in my house, and none of us are travelling together this winter break. Kiew's going German, Syahidah's going Spain, Ibrizah's going London while I am going to Dublin!
Dublin, Lake District, Manchester and possibly London! What a plan for only 2 weeks of break eh?
Since I've started my clinical years, I get only 2 weeks of holiday while my non-Medical friends get a month! And my summer break next year is only 5 weeks, compared to 3 months for non-Medical students. Frustrating aint it?

I've been following ward rounds with different consultants almost every day now. And I find almost all the consultants (esp Asians) like to ask questions, and I quite like it. I liked the fact that I am almost constantly being tested. But one thing I dislike is when they shove me an ECG to interpret. Duh! I hate ECGs, I can rarely read them appropriately. So many leads (12 of them!) to observe and the tension of having all eyes fixed at you, waiting for you to give a reasonable, fairly accurate interpretation with a probable diagnosis made me wish that I can instantly shrink and disappear into thin air. And people must not try to look for me after that.

And after every ward rounds, I have this burning desire to sit on my study table and mug up my books. But when I get home and finally got myself on the chair, my eyelids started rebelling. They just refused to keep themselves opened. I tried coffee, from one cup a day I'm now taking two cups a day! But coffee doesn't really help me, perhaps my coffees were too diluted?
I shall brew a stronger coffee tomorrow, heh...

It's 12.22am now, and I shall sleep.
I've even reduced my sleeping hours from 8 to 6 hours only.
I shall get up at 6.30am tomorrow.

'till then,

-Because life is a test-


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