Thursday, December 8, 2011


Today...I saw a woman who was admitted due to multiple drug overdose.
She took a lethal dose of the drugs she was on which included carbamazepine, verapamil and furosemide. These drugs, when combined in a large dose, will lead to severe hypotension and dizziness.

When the consultant ask why did she do that, her response was,
"Because I do not want to live anymore. I wanted to end everything. I feel like I don't matter to my children anymore"

On further questioning, we found out that she has two children; a son and a daughter. And both are staying far from her.
The consultant asked if she regretted doing what she did, she said she was sorry it didn't work out.
It broke my heart.

I see too many old ladies and men being what I consider neglected by their own children. I am not sure if this is the culture over here but, elderly parents do not stay with their children and grandchildren. They live on their own, or in a nursing home.
It is considered normal for a 89 year old lady to stay on her own and it is abnormal and suspicion arises if an elderly parent stay with his/her child; they might be economically unstable - need to investigate further, patient may need social support etc.

I wouldn't want my mother or father to stay on her/his own at 70. In fact, I don't want them to stay on their own at all. Not because I do not trust them in taking care of themselves but, living alone is not pleasant, at all.

Sending parents to nursing homes is rampant here. That stimulates the growth and makes nursing homes better than they ever are in Malaysia, but what are the effects on society?
UK population is growing old, now I understand what it means. I've never seen so many old people walking around when I was in Malaysia.
These old people looked very independent and, active.
But sometimes, they looked too independent, I wonder where are their children; busy working?
A 90 y.o lady came into a cardiology clinic, because she fainted while trying to run to catch a bus.
And her daughter was worried of her heart.
I'd say the daughter had too much expectation of her mother. 90 y.o, running to catch a bus?
What do u expect? Of course blood circulation to her brain will be reduced.
Her heart is unable to work like it did 70 years ago.
She might even faint if she's to get up of her bed too fast.
*benefit of the doubt: she might have underlying heart problem*

One of our pbl case; an old lady stays with her son and his wife and a grandchildren.
The first thing my pbl mates talked about was how congested that house will be.
I was surprised; 4 in a house, CONGESTED?
There were 8 people in my house before I leave Malaysia.
And never once I felt suffocated.
Then only the tutor explained that it is very rare to have a granny to stay with her son, usually grannies stay on their own.
I accidentally said, "And that's better for them?"
And the room went momentarily quiet.

Okay, I've written enough for today.
Just felt like expressing how pitiful I felt to the woman who tried to commit suicide because she felt neglected by her children. That, did not justify her attempt however. It is still wrong to commit suicide, but there are other factors to be taken into consideration before blaming everything on that frail heart of the old lady.

-Because life is a test-


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