Sunday, January 8, 2012

Politics di Sana

Such a broad topic to talk about, considering my lack of knowledge in the politics of my own land and the fact that my exam is coming in less than 2 weeks.

One of the first few news I read this morning right after waking up was the immediate sacking of Selangor's EXCO, Dr Hasan Ali.
I'd better not start introducing Dr Hasan Ali, for I myself has little knowledge of who he is and what he does or rather, did.
But I certainly know that his office is in Shah Alam and his duty includes (how am I supposed to translate Hal Ehwal Islam into English?) Islamic matters (this sounds weird).

PAS released a video of her president explaining the decision to the public and political blogs hv started writing about the sacking and my newsfeed in facebook is exploding with friends sharing that news (ironically, most of the news are shared by overseas Malaysian friends. Being far from Malaysia makes us students more aware of the situation maybe?).

And since I wanted to ask my mother how to cook curry correctly, I called home.
It appears that my father is not aware of the sacking yet (understandable, he's not a politician neither a politics fan and Buletin Utama is not due until 8pm and I called at 6).
He said he wasn't even surprised with the sacking, because Dr Hasan Ali did many things detrimental to the party he represented and apparently showed that he's been "bought" by the other side.

But father told me another shocking news.
Another news that was so popular in Malaysia but due to my lack of awareness, I didn't know about it.
It seems like the government spent quite a sum of money to aid Malaysian families financially.
And it is all under "Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia" or BR1M.
Under the program, households with monthly income of less than RM3000 will receive a RM500 aid in 2012 and the application was opened late last year.

Since I do not like to talk baseless, I did some research and this websites may be of use:
1) The National Treasury
2) Utusan Malaysia: Kerajaan tidak memperdaya rakyat laksanakan BR1M

Not only that, ALL students in Malaysia will be given financial aid as well, regardless of their family financial backgrounds. School students will receive RM100 per person while university students get RM200.
I am not sure if university students will get cash or a book voucher worth RM200 but two of my schooling siblings received RM100 cash each before the school ends November last year.
I can't believe they didn't tell me they were richer by RM100 before the school ends!
My brother who is now studying in MMU however, has not informed us if he received the promised RM200.
IMU friends, you received RM200 in any form?
I am not sure if the RM200 for university students include students in private universities.

Utusan Malaysia: Bantuan RM100, BR1M berkesan (27/12/2012)

U know sometimes people say from first look, it all looked so innocent but when you really think about it, it isn't actually?
Well, this is not the case here.
Here, I sensed something fishy even from the first look (or hear).
With the general election coming soon, I bet the ruling government is working their (I can't think of a more polite way of saying this) tails off to ensure the country does not fall into the hands of the opposition.
And so, paying aiding the people might just work for them (unless Malaysians realise that this scheme is a way of "buying" us).

And tomorrow is 09/01/12.
What's with the date?
For those who are like me, who has just recently gained interest in the politics of Malaysia but has not much time to really read about them (my mum will be so glad that I don't have the time) and is at the same time a student sponsored by the government, let me tell you.
Tomorrow is the day when Malaysians will witness whether Anwar Ibrahim will be prosecuted or not.
Remember that sodomy case? No, not the one that caused him to be jailed in 1998.
But this is the one where he was accused of sodomising his 20+ y.o assistant few years ago.
The final decision is tomorrow.
And if he is to be prosecuted, KL will witness a demonstration called "Bebaskan Anwar 901".
I've been hearing about this demonstration but I am not really clear of the message they wanted to send. Will they only demonstrate if Anwar is prosecuted? Or will they demonstrate regardless of the decision? Will they demonstrate before the hearing, during or after the hearing?
I don't know, I don't know, I don't know.
But to all Malaysians who will be trapped in the massive traffic jam in KL tomorrow, my heart goes out for you :)

And oh!
Like I mentioned earlier, I am a government sponsored student thus, I am not supposed to be expressing any anti-government or pro-opposition opinion publicly, which I didn't (Ma and Pa, don't worry).
My father expressed his concern over the phone this morning, reminding me not to be involved with any of this political rally/demo. His argument was since Malaysia is such a small country, they can actually monitor their people (or students).

I am not sure if that AUKU law which restrains university students from getting involved with politics applies to me, a student in an overseas university. But certainly, there is another unspoken law that me and friends are bounded to, heh... :)

I've been particularly interested with the latest political turmoil in Egypt and the probability of Muslim Brotherhood winning the election will be so much fun to read.
But sadly, I found myself doing other stuff than reading about those news.
Know why?
Because the language used in the news covering these issues are just too politically scientific for me to understand. To understand the articles, one needs to have basic knowledge about what is happening and I didn't have the opportunity yet to spend time getting my basic in that.

Argh, so much to do with so little time.
Ok, stop whining.
And start studying!

-Because life is a test-


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