Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tick Tock Tick Tock!

Notice the newly put ticker up there?

This one!

What did it say?
Yes! 15 days until exam!
(I've been putting this SAME ticker up on every exam)

God! I felt like I've just reached England last month when in fact I've been here for 4 months.

Before this, whenever an exam is nearing, I've always talked about it in my posts; whining of having to mug up my books and all. But why didn't I breath a word about this exam before and only mention it for the first time here, 15 days before it?
I'm not really sure why but I think it is highly contributed by the fact that this exam is an MCQ paper consisting of 125 questions and the best part is, whatever marks I score for this exam will not affect my overall marks during finals.
In other words, this is a formative test just for me to test myself.
So I wasn't really worried (avoiding the word stress here) of my score.
But, as I have correctly put it, this paper is for me to test myself.
And that, is really the reason why am I studying now.
I want to know how much did I actually study from IMU, and if I'll be able to re-use those knowledge here and if I am at par (knowledge-wise) with the locals.

And this exam, will cover EVERYTHING.
That means I can consider myself sitting for another IMU Semester 5 final (EOS5).
Honestly, this is the first time I can't wait for an exam!
I really want to know how will I fare in it.
An exam, without the stress of your marks affecting ur future is a fun one, it took me this far to realise that.

Anyway, let's get back to study now! :D

p/s: If you take things easy, things will come easy. InsyaAllah :)

-Because life is a test-



  1. Assalamualaikum Akmar.
    Where are the questions coming from? You gonna be sent a copy of them from IMU? Do you still have a 'tie' to IMU or are you now completely independent from them?

    Good look in your test BTW.

    P.S. Have you used internet based video's to study? If so what's your opinion of them? Is all you need to cover available on video, are they of the right academic level etc.
    (sorry to request your time for responses)

  2. Wkslm sir :)
    U mean my exam questions?
    The paper will be set up by UoM, nothing to do with IMU.

    I am now completely academically independent from IMU.
    Smtimes IMU sends lecturers to visit stdnts to find out how we are doing and if IMU has to make any changes to the syllabus to prepare the juniors better. But so far, Preston (or Manchester) has not been visited yet :(

    Internet based videos?
    I use them once in a while but I don't really depend on them.
    Many of the things are not covered, I prefer books or reliable websites.
    Videos depend too much on the maker, some of the videos are great and explains the topic vry clearly, but some are just plain boring.

    In IMU, lecturers sometimes show videos/animations made by other medical schools and those videos are good but I'm not sure if they are available online, I've nvr tried to look for them.

    However, a good video certainly beat a textbook.
    Just that there are not many of them around (or rather I can't find the ones on the topics I find hard to understand via readings).

    Does this answer ur Q?
    Are u doing some research/survey on this?

  3. Waalakumassalam Akamar & Thanks for the response.

    Ooooh its a UoM test. I thought you were making a test yourself, so I wondering how on earth it would succeed.

    Re: videos. I'm not doing formal research, just trying to see if the internet video boom has filtered into medicine (or whether students are aware that such videos may exist). There's a LOT for chemistry but getting the level right and covering the course specification is a bit tricky.

    Nice spring-ish green/fresh layout. Is it in anticipation of spring? Hey, if you have plans to visit Glossop (a 30 min slow train ride from Manchester, let me know if perhaps you could pop in and see my family)