Sunday, March 11, 2012

The All England Championship

Malaysia vs Korea!
I went to Birmingham yesterday morning without knowing who will be the opponent of Lee Chong Wei; the fact that he's playing overruled everything else.

His was the second match of the day and being introduced as World's number 1, his entrance into the court was celebrated by kompang and cheering of Malaysians almost all over the arena.
As soon as he walked in I swore my heart started to pump faster, not only because I'll get to see him playing LIVE but also because of the excitement seeing fellow Malaysians cheering for him spiritedly.
There was a group of Malaysians wearing bright orange tshirts and jackets with big Malaysian flag and kompang dominating the backseats of the arena. Too bad my camera is not good enough, I can't zoom in to snap their pictures in that relatively dark surrounding.

There there, can you see them? Haiz, this really make me feel like buying a new camera =.="
Akmar sabar...sabar...

When LCW's match was on, the loudness of Malaysians were unbelievable! I can hardly hear ANY Korean supporter. I am not sure if it is because there is none, or out of intimidation, they do not dare to surface. Either way, that made me feel sorry for the Korean player. Whenever he scored, the frustrated sounds of "Ooohh....", "Aaaahhh..." were louder than any cheer for him.
Of course, LCW won the match. That time I felt reallllly realllly bad for not buying the ticket for Final as well.

China's Lin Dan's match was the last of the day. Everyone was already tired of cheering so there wasn't much cheer. In addition, I can say that Lin Dan was not playing whole-heartedly so the game wasn't that exhilarating.

And that was my first time watching an international badminton championship, LIVE.
I cheered my lungs out for Malaysian's Lee Chong Wei. And got dehydrated, one bottle of mineral water was £2!

I hope he wins today's Final against Lin Dan!

What I can definitely say is, this experience was certainly an unforgettable, exciting and sweet memory for me :)
I hope he will still play next year, and I'll be able to afford both semi and final match tickets.

-Because life is a test-


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