Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Trip to South

The long awaited day has finally came! Tomorrow I'll be heading south to Birmingham, to watch the semi-final of All England!

I've been planning this visit for a very long time, since early January to be exact.
I even asked my mum to post me the Jalur Gemilang, because initially I wanted to watch the Olympics but then only I found out that the tickets have been sold out way long long time ago.
So yes, tomorrow I'll start my day very early to the train station with some friends to Birmingham!

There is a half-price student discount for semi-finals but not for the finals. I was quite certain Lee Choong Wei will make it to at least the semi-final.
I did not dare to spend money to buy the ticket for Finals (it cost a bomb), because if Lee Choong Wei lost in semi-finals, then I'll have to watch the Finals without having any particular player to support. But then again, if he did win the semi-final and proceeds to the final, I'll then have to go back home, feeling bad for not being able to watch the final.
But anyway, since money matters, I'm watching only the semi-final.
Plus, none of my close friends want to watch the Final with me.

I can't stop smiling, anticipating the trip tomorrow!

-Because life is a test-

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