Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Bless of Forge'ing

Spaghetti becomes spage'i, later becomes la'er, and pancreatitis becomes pancrea'i'is.
So, it is fair enough that forgetting becomes forge'ing. *laughs*

Often, we curse ourselves for forgetting to bring the house keys out, or for completely forgotten about that reflective piece the lecturer asked us to write 3 weeks ago, or when we fail to remember that password to log into the student portal (and the password needs alphanumeric WITH some capital letters AND symbols), or even for being unable to recall the topic we studied the night before.
How many of us actually has photographic memory?
I've never met one, I know they exist but thank God I hvnt met them yet, it's gonna freak me out.

To forget is to err, as I thought before.
But then, I'm sure every creation of God has two sides to it; the good and the bad side.
Being loud is bad when you annoy people, but it is good when you are able to stand up for yourself and people around.
Being beautiful is good that people becomes soft-hearted towards you in dealings but it's bad when other people start to harbour bad intentions on you.
And thus, to forget is bad when you can't answer you exam paper despite having read the topic few nights before, but is good when you need to forget unpleasant things.

How many of us failed in exams before?
Have many of us lost their parent or siblings?
How many of us had their hearts broken?

All these, while are not to be forgotten completely, they can be forgotten intermittently.
If someone were to remember the feeling of losing his/her mother every second of every minute of every day, his/her life will fall apart.
If someone were to have the lost of his/her life partner reminded every mili-second, he/she will never be on his/her top form again.

So we are blessed with being able to forget.
We're blessed with being able to distract our minds from the things that hurt the most, for 10 minutes initially, then half hour, then an hour until at one point, we remember the incident only few times in a day.
When our bestfriend calls, our minds are focused in the conversation, putting the mourn behind.
While crying for the loss, then we have to search for the tissue, we forgot about the loss until we found the tissue.
Imagine remembering EVERYTHING, ALL THE TIME.
How long can we endure the pain?

So yes, don't curse yourself when you forget. And don't hope for being able to remember everything. You can't stand it.

-Because life is a test-


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