Sunday, July 15, 2012

Posted on Sunday, July 15th. More than 36hrs of being home :)


I bent my spectacles.
That will be the first thing I want to say. *sigh*
Guess what, I am now writing this in the Malaysia Airlines flight from London to Kuala Lumpur and I’ve travelled 8, 491km for the past 9 hours. We are now 35,000ft from sea level, the pilot announced we will go until 37,000ft but there’s only 3hrs left. Will he? Think so.

And guess what, my family does not know of me coming home today. Hahahaha.. I told them my flight will be on Saturday the 14th thus I’ll reach KL on Sunday the 15th. Truth is, I depart from London on Thursday 12th July and will be reaching on Friday the 13th. Yes, I am that nasty. The only family member who know this is my sister and she’s unable to drive. So that’s the major drawback of this “brilliant” plan of mine. I would have to get my own transport home, carrying two heavy luggage. Sister, why u no able to drive? At least come and fetch me and I’ll drive us home! But anyway, my plan is such a typical plan of students studying overseas. No? I can’t wait to see the shock and surprised faces of my family when they see me coming down of a cab later this evening, and also the giggles of my sister.

Before sleep, I took of my specs and hanged it in front of me, on the pocket behind the front seat where all the travel magazines etc are put. I do not know what I did in sleep, I can’t find the specs when I got up. It was on the floor, bent. Thank God I can still wear it, and see clearly (or else I won’t be able to write this) but one can clearly notice the sloppiness of the glasses on my face. I’m sure. Haishh…

I took the flight to Manchester at 1540hrs yesterday and spent 6 hours loitering around Heathrow before our connecting flight at 2200hrs. The flight from Manchester to London was operated by BMI and man it was such a tiny plane. Really tiny. I wanted to laugh when I see it. There were only 3 rows in it. Oh, now I know. I think the interior is as big as an express bus, but way longer to the back. And so with such a small plane of course the journey wasn’t as smooth as this journey on MAS. It was bumpy most of the time and by the time I got down of it, I felt so nauseous and sick. And the fact that I did not have a proper lunch made it worse. And in Heathrow, there was no food! In the terminal, after passing through the custom, they were only WHSmith, Pret-a-Manger and Costa. The rest are restaurants. And you knew it too, only rich people eat in restaurants in an airport. The prices are crazy. £10.95 for a plate of fish and chips? No thanks. I can eat 5 sandwiches from WHSmith.

So I can’t wait to get onto MAS plane. I know they will serve food. And true enough, within 40 minutes of taking off and everything settled down, I got my delicious plate of Chicken Briyani. Nomnomnom. I was very tired and sleepy by the time I finish everything, I fell asleep in no time. And that was when I bent my glasses.

When the plane took off just now, I had millions of butterflies in my stomach and goosebumps too! You know the feeling when you’re on a roller coaster and the safety belt has been fasten around you, and the roller coaster is moving slowly up the slope? That feeling “Oh heck, I do not want to ride this anymoreee!!! Please get me off!! Stop the machine!!” because you know the roller coaster is going to speed downwards and turn and turn and turn eating your heart out, once it finished the slow and steady climb up? Well, I had that feeling when this plane was moving slowly on the airport track. Looking for it’s platform and then speed up faster than you can imagine, with the grasses being blown by the strong wind of the wings, then take off. That time, I felt so vulnerable. My whole life is not in my control, at all. There is nothing I can do if the plane malfunctioned. At least if we’re in a car, I can jump off it if the brake is not working (ok, too much of action movies). That was the time I felt very very dependent on Him, to take care of our journey, Not the pilot. It’s Him.

Anyway, I have about 2+ hrs more, the crews started to serve breakfast.

I’m in a flight, thus no internet thus am writing this in word document thus, do not know when can I post this,
If I can post it in KLIA, thank God.
If not, at home maybe?


Posted on Sunday, July 15th. More than 36hrs of being home :)

-Because life is a test-



  1. OI KENAPA LAWAK GILA THE WHOLE POST. MACAM TGH BACA 9GAG. HAHAHAHA. AKU SUKA.enjoy malaysia. i envy youuuuuuuu. :(



    1. hahaha... lawak gile ke? xpe, u'll be home this summer kn?