Friday, August 10, 2012

Violence, Massacres and Genocides

Last night on Berita TV9 at 8pm, a Rohingya ulama told the press that the Burmese Rakhine threatened to destroy all Rohingya Muslims in this last 10 days of Ramadhan.

Hearing that make me shudder.

Despite not being able to trust fully the news agency in Malaysia, I see no political reasons why the issue of this Rohingya massacre conflict might be distorted by irresponsible parties.

Here in Malaysia, we are trying our utmost best to fully utilise the barakah (blessings) of Ramadhan; Quran recital, prayers and qiam and at the same time to control and train our nafs (desire). But in Burma, Muslims are trying their utmost best to stay alive, to protect their children from harm and danger, fathers fleeing with their families away from atrocities and sons shielding their mothers and sisters.

To make it worse, the Burmese government did not even acknowledge the Rohingyas as Burmese thus, offered no help nor protection. Gone were my respect to Aung San Suu Kyi. I thought she was a peace heroin, an icon of democracy and human rights, having won the Nobel peace prize and after watching the movie "The Lady" which told her story, I admired her and her fight.
But too bad, she did not impress me this time.

Frustratingly, I see no direct physical help from the Malaysian government.
Burma is one of the ASEAN countries and on top of that, Malaysia has been a host to many OIC conferences and I think it is right to help our fellow neighbour if not brethren.

OIC, with a membership of 57 countries across the world and is the second largest inter-govermental organisation after the UN (yes, I did some readings) did not deploy any troop to Burma to protect the Rohingyas . Shame on us.

If Burma is full of oil like Syria, the Americans would have "helped" to promote peace in the nation. Troops will be deployed, expatriates sent and condemnation publicised.

The UN is trying to help. But the world knows that the UN is just a puppet, an organisation of names and statuses without actual power.

Even Malaysian opposition parties pledged no help to the Rohingyas.
Opposition parties, which have been trying hard to attack the government, vowing to change the situations that the government has forgotten about, has been ignoring or has been getting money out of them, mentioned no word about offering help to promote peace in other neighbouring countries.

The whole world is talking about it, nation leaders expressing their "deep concern" about the matter.
But no direct action is done.
Shame, shame on us!
and shame on me. just by writing, I can save no lives *sobs*

No, this is not in Burma. From the source I took the picture from, it was said that this was in Syria. Don't your heart break seeing this picture?

-Because life is a test-

This picture might be too harsh on her, given the fact that she is not entirely responsible for the genocide but, as a peace promoter she should have a firm stand. And of course, she is now facing backlashes for her silence in the matter. Well, with great power comes great responsibility.


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  1. Oh she knows about the Rohingyas all right!
    But she simply doesn't care. When asked about their plight by a journalist she said something like "are they Burmese" i.e. she doesn't care about their slaughter because they aren't Burmese.

    Why on earth would someone adopt such a inhumane stance?

    Is it perhaps because as non-Burmese they won't be able to vote her into power?
    I suspect so. There is no political (and financial) gain for her in supporting these people so she doesn't.

    I feel people simply fall for her nice physical appearance. I know I did. But I began to become suspicions of her in an interview I saw with her many years ago in which she indicated if she was running the show she would invite the big multinationals (with all that entails) into the country. What would result is dispossession of ancestral lands, mass riba, greater slave labour sweatshops (Burma already has a number of these which the current rich in Burma profit from) and God hating secularism with much more anti-Islamic violence encouraged you you know who.

    This woman in a wolf in sheeps clothing. I have no respect for her, and shame on Malaysia's politicians for their inaction - as for all the worlds politicians.