Tuesday, January 22, 2013

And It Snowed!!


Ever since I know that people can study overseas, my dream has always been to study in a country where there is snow. I've never thought much which country it will be, or even what course will I study.
Then I came to UK, Preston specifically.

And it didn't snow during my first year here (2011), except for the one day that I was stuck in a ward round with Dr B in the Assessment Unit in Chorley Hospital :(

It was cold, it has always been cold but it didn't snow as I wanted it to be.

Then last year I went to Germany, hunting for snow. It didn't snow too.
There was snow on the ski mountain, yes. But it wasn't snowing!

Then 2013 came.
There was bits of snow last week, not much but there was.
I was so excited.
But other cities hv a loot more snow. Liverpool was covered with snow, people in Edinburgh are posting pictures of snowmen on facebook, even London snowed!
But the snow in Preston was very shy. It came out, vry lightly.

There was a football match yesterday, Man Utd vs Tottenham. They played in the snow! In London!
I looked outside my window, there was no snow.

Then this morning, I noticed the cars parked next to my house were covered in snow, and to my delight, it was still snowing!

Syahidah and I went for our GP placement in Leyland, and the snow was even heavier!
And we made our very own first snow man :D

I was still stingy.
Upon returning to Preston, the snow wasn't heavy and thick enough for me to build a snowman near our houses so Akmal and I went to Avenham Park and built another snowman! This time I was prepared. I brought a carrot and an extra scarf for our snowman!

After building two snowmen in a day, and witnessing the beauty of snow, I felt all the agony and sufferings I went through so far, surviving the coldness and darkness, with temperatures of lower than 0, have been redeemed. It is all worth it now, the coldness and shivers. For the beautiful snow :)

-Because life is a test-


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