Friday, January 11, 2013

Pruritic Fingers and Absent Mind

Because the exam is coming near.
Because I am stuck on my desk for most of the time, mugging up the notes.
Because there are too many things to revise, I do not know where to start from.

And I feel like scrolling down ebay or amazon and buying stuffs.

Anyway, I watched these two videos lately,

1) Yusuf Estes answering a Christian's question on what changed his mind from a Bible preacher to a Muslim preacher.
It's a bit long (32mins), yes. But the first 20-25mins was well worth it and interesting :) The end is a bit dramatic but hey, it's genuine! You can skip the last 10mins if you want to.

2) A totally different video, a sweet and entertaining wedding speech by a groom.

Ugh, I so want more time to revise but I also want this exam to be over, fast.

And anyone knows how to get rid of that annoying ads on this blog? The ads that come out either on the top left corner or the bottom right corner? The one that comes out on the top left corner can be closed (there's a small, almost invisible [close] below the ad that you can click) but the one that appears on right bottom corner is the more annoying, I can't close it.
They are ads about interesting videos.
I've no idea what I did that they turned up.
I did not put in any html on my blog, I might have put my url in some other websites allowing ads so that I can use their feature (and I cant remember what now).

Btw, pruritus is the posh (read: medical) word for itch so, pruritic means itchy.

p/s: At least I'm writing nonsense here in my blog, writing my disorganised thoughts than posting it as a status on facebook where everyone is forced to read it in their newsfeed. You're reading this bcos you chose to. The fact that you got this far down prove it.


-Because life is a test-


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