Thursday, April 18, 2013

(Almost) The End of Year 4


Pergh, lama gler x tulis dlm blog ni dh.
Busy with other things (and kemalasan nk menaip panjang. Idea byk sgt, x smpat nk put them into words).

Anyway, I've just finished the last OSCE of my 4th year last Friday! And the results will be released exactly two weeks from today. *dupp dapp dupp dapp*
All the OSCE stations started with "You are the FY1......" (FYI, FY1 = Foundation Year 1 = first year houseman).
So I proudly introduced myself, "Hi, my name is Akmar, I am a junior doctor here. Can I confirm your name and DOB?".

I am already at the end of my first week in "Children and Adolescent Psychiatry" posting.
This is not really a posting, this is a Student Selected Component (SSC), which I chose about two months ago?
Gler la, most of the budak2 / teens yg msuk sini are due to self harm. And their self harms usually stem from a family crisis, childhood abuse etc.

Apa lagi nk bgtau?
Oh! We can already feel the spring, the temperature started to get higher than 5° already, which means we can reduce the hours the heaters are switched on, significantly.
But, Syuruk is at 6.03am! Oh God..
I don't usually sleep after Subuh so I tend to wake up towards the end of Subuh, before Syuruk and start my day early.
But when Syuruk itself is 6.03am, I am facing a great great dilemma whether to sleep after Subuh or not when Syuruk started to be 5.30am later in the month. Aigoo.

And oh, I am now watching the korean drama, "Gentleman's Pride".
Cite tu sweet smpai rasa nk meletup.
Ok dh..
Get back to work.
It's 7.49am now :)

Haishh!! Camne nk hilangkan these annoying video ads on my blog?
Anyone know?

-Because life is a test-


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