Saturday, June 15, 2013

Helping in Year 3 OSCE


A year ago, I had my end of year 3 OSCE and it was in my opinion, very terribly done. But I passed, Alhamdulillah.
I'm not sure if I wrote abt it here, let's check.






Err, no.
I did not write about the exam itself. I wrote on how I felt before the exam.

Anyway, I splashed a good amount of IV fluids onto my (simulated) patient. 

For this exam, I was the simulated patient for an Arterial Blood Gas station. 
That means, I sit there and pretend to be a lady who's suffering from pneumonia and needs ABG. 
The students have to talk to me, explain the procedure, gain my consent and then proceed to take blood from a dummy wrist next to me. 

There were 8 students altogether. Generally, they did well.
But there was one who did not know what he was doing! I felt so bad for him.
He looked like a nice boy, who studies a lot. But looks can be deceiving, can't it?
And an exam is always nerve-wrecking anyway.

He did not clean his equipments, neither did he wash his hands with the alcohol gel.
He took a pair of gloves and then throw one away. He tore a packet of alcohol swab and left it there next to me. He really looked as if he did not what he was doing. And I felt so much for him. Haish...
Too bad, but not surprisingly though, the examiner failed him :(

In conclusion, the experience in becoming a volunteer in an exam gave me a whole new perspective. Being in an exam but on the side of it. Not as a student taking the examination but someone backstage. I saw how the skills centre staff busily set up the place for examination. How they gathered the simulated patients and what briefing they give.
After this I won't be afraid and scared of the patients anymore :D
They're just students like me. Haha
Apart from some who are real patients with real findings, the rest are normal people :)

-Because life is a test-


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