Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1 Day Before OSCE


At last, that day has come.
For my medical school final exam, I have to sit for 2 written papers and 1 clinical (OSCE) examination.
I have done the two written papers and my last ever exam is tomorrow.
I hope this is my last ever exam in medical school; I don't want to sit for the May exam. I can only be exempted for the May exam if I pass this one.

Today, I was calm until a friend of mine posted the list of stations that came out today (There are altogether 3 days of OSCE, and mine is on Day 2. They do change the questions!)
I was calmly practicing the stations with Akmal, trying to drill the examinations into me so that it became ingrained in me. Reading again and again the management of chest pain, breathlessness, how to examine a patient with neurofibromatosis, hip pain, knee pain etc.
It was all calm, albeit nervous.

But when I find out the questions of Day 1, I panicked.
The horrible thought of "TOMORROW IS EXAMM!! TOMORROW IS EXAMMM!!" came rushing into my mind, ruthlessly sweeping my composure away.
And I thought, "Have I studied enough?" "Am I prepared enough?" "Can I pass this exam?" "What happens if I don't?"

From then on, I flipped through my OSCE for Finals book like a mad Asian girl, googling every single thing that I forgot or unsure of; non-invasive ventilation, osteoporosis scores, driving and heart attack, and even the sizes of cannula!

Now, I'm tired.
So I start writing.
Next, I have to continue reading.
May Allah ease~


-Because life is a test-


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