Thursday, January 16, 2014

9 hours post-OSCE


My exam is finally over.
I am now officially a free bird! Until next Thursday, Jan 23rd; the day my results will be released.
I am not sure if I will post about my results. I might, if I pass.
If I don't......

I woke up very early this morning, I set my alarm at 5.45am but I was awake well before that. I didn't even want to look at the clock too see the time, I tried to sleep until my alarm rang.
The undergraduate department has kindly provided a shuttle bus from Preston Hospital to the hospitals in Manchester, where our exams will be in. We will not have our OSCEs in the same hospital that we studied in, this is to avoid bias from the examiners, seeing a student that may have been working with him for so long. Hence all students will be allocated randomly within the 4 UoM teaching hospitals.
My exam was in University Hospital South Manchester (UHSM) or better known as Wythenshawe Hospital or even better know among student as South.

The day started off hectic.
I was walking out with Ibrizah towards the Education Centre where the shuttle was waiting for us and half way there, I realised I did not bring my phone! I can't imagine going without my phone, I am sure I want to scream to someone when the exam is over so I ran back home to take my phone.
Imagine running within a hospital compound, without anyone around, at 6.50 in the morning with full smart formal wear, and smartie shoes. The ktak ktak ktak ktak ktak sound of my shoes was so embarassing.

Anyway, due to the heavy traffic, we reached South at 8.30am!
1.5 hours in the shuttle, I slept in countless postures and positions.
I think everyone was sleeping and it was also very dark so I dont think anyone actually saw me sleeping.

I will write the stations in the next post. I think it is very beneficial to actually have a set of questions from seniors to refer to.
So I hope this will be beneficial for the next generation, cewah.

Today also is the day my brother, Amran will be flying to Jordan.
He enrolled in the Ana Arabiy program, which is a reality TV show covering Malaysian students in Jordan trying to learn Arabic and the Quran.
Apparently it is going to be aired in April 2014.
Whoa.. But I feel good for him. He has always wanted to learn Arabic.

His flight was at 2200 Malaysian time so when I called him, it was only 10 minutes before the boarding gate opens.
So I quickly all the XOXO I can give on phone.
When I said I am so afraid of the results, he laughed it off.
I can't believe he laughed it off. He said it has never occurred to him that I can fail any examination.
He believes strongly that I can pass.
I was so touched with the trust. I didn't know that was the impression I gave him.
What if I really fail? There is always the possibility.
He must be very surprised, and perhaps disappointed too.

Anyway, right when I reached home, I cooked lunch and went to Kiew's room to debrief her.
I told everything about the stations today and how did I tackle the Qs.
And after that I went straight and practice with Akmal. Both Kiew and Akmal are going to have their exams tomorrow.
Akmal's in the morning while Kiew's in the afternoon. But they will not meet each other because Akmal will be quarantined after he finished his exam while waiting for Kiew to be quarantined. And after Kiew is quarantined, Akmal will be released. If that makes sense?

Anyhow, today I felt like eating big but I didn't defrost any chicken so I went Amonbagh and buy some dinner.
Lamb Rogan Josh, which cost me £5.45.
It's not that good. I won't buy it again.
I forgot what did I order before, that was very tasty.

I watched Running Man happily, without any guilt.
And I laughed and laughed and laughed with Ibrizah and Syahidah; my 2 housemates who have finished exam.
Poor Kiew, she is the only who have not finished her exam in this house. The 3 of us are free, she must be so stressed now. As stressed as I was yesterday.

Now, I am writing this. In a gooooood moooood~
Plans for today and tomorrow:

1) Write some love letters (haha)
2) Pack for my trip with housemates (I'm keeping the destination secret for now)
3) Pack for Malaysia (8 days till home!!)
4) Start reading again. I have left non-medical books for such a looong time. I keep buying books (bcos they are cheap) and just putting it on my shelves make me feel good. Now I have to start touching them again.
5) Running Man. I have about 5 episodes left.
6) Perhaps I will finish off Gye Baek; the Korean drama that I left halfway.
7) Online shopping. I wanna buy stuff and get them sent to my house in Malaysia so that I can wear them in time for CNY!

Wah, it seems there are a lot of things that I have to do!

With that, byeeee~

-Because life is a test-


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