Thursday, May 29, 2014

Still A Student


I'm really enjoying my life now, because I have finished all my clinical placements and am now in the honeymoon period - except for the fact that I have thousands of things to pack into boxes and ship back to Malaysia, it has started giving me headaches plus the fact that money is always a problem and I can't go travelling as much as I want because it cost a lot.

My sister is coming over mid June and we will go travel together, my mum and aunts joining us early July for my convocation and we will be sightseeing again! So I have been spending the past month worrying about planning the trip and the past two days actually planning and budgeting it.

I am officially still a student until June 6th, when I am no longer a student of University of Manchester.
So I have about one week left. After that, I am an officially unemployed female - looking for a job in Malaysia. Hmmm... being a doctor is quite nice so I hope I can get a post.
If I don't, I will consider being a temporary school teacher AND a private tutor. Life goes on you know?

Today I plan to stay at home and rewrite my notes. Yes you read it right - "REWRITE.MY.NOTES"
Every placement/semester I will have this mini notebook that fits into my scrub pocket for me to bring around the wards and clinics etc. I will jot down random facts that any consultant/doctors/nurses/patients blurted out.
But not all the pages are filled with facts. Some of them were artworks - those flowers and houses and rivers I drew during boring clinic hours or lectures or PBL discussions.
Some of them contained conversations with me and my clinical partner e.g. "Dr ni byk ckp la, I boring" or "Lps ni u nk buat spa?" or "Mat salleh ni sume ckp je lbih" or "I ngntukkkkk".
Some of the pages were just blank pages as I tried to make the notebook "more professional", containing many sections e.g. Pharmaco and Patho and Physio but it always ended up in vain because doctors just do not blurt out facts according to sections of the textbooks and I do not have time to flip my notebook to that section in time.

So...all these mini notebooks that I have collected over the past three years may contain duplicate facts, many empty pages but also memorable conversation pages. I cannot bring all of them back home, they take space and weight.
So I plan to rewrite them all into a proper notebook AND this time, really organise them into the sections I mentioned.

Wish me all the best!
May the force be with me today! :D

I am now downloading You Are All Surrounded Korean drama - it's 91% now.
I might have to take an hour break to watch it haha..

'til then.

-Because life is a test-


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