Tuesday, June 17, 2014

2 Days in Edinburgh


Yes, Aisyah, my sister has arrived in the UK!
She will be here until my convocation day, so she will be spending almost one month with me.
And guess what, the cheapest air ticket we can find was from Qatar Airways from Kuala Lumpur to Edinburgh, it cost us about GBP604 (trust me, that is not actually cheap).

Anyway, Wasil and I arrived Edinburgh at noon and we took the Airlink 100 to the airport.
I have been very excited about her arrival for the past month and I have even prepared the simple classic airport "Welcome" banner.

Aisyah was supposed to land at 1315 but to our despair, we were still waiting for her at 1415.
I met Joash, one of my IMU seniors as he was also waiting for his parents who were also on the same flight, and his family arrived way earlier than Aisyah. I was already tired, hungry and worried at the same time. She did not miss the flight from Doha, did she?
Has she been detained by the UKBA?
I was ready with a camera in my hand, ready to capture the moment she walks out of the International Arrivals gate, and I have captured countless "only gate" pictures, out of boredom.

And at last, I saw her walking out of the gates! And I started to frantically shoot her pictures.

See that happy girl?
I was so hungry at that time, I opened her bag to find breads and other food that mama packed for her.

Her first purchase in the UK, two bottles of water for £2 from WH Smith

We then went back to Edinburgh city centre by the Airlink 100, and checked in at Travelodge, Waterloo Place.
After prayer, we went to Royal Mile for a wee picture time!
It was very fun, as it has been many years since we hung out together. Wasil has not been back to Malaysia for the past two years. Too bad our youngest brother could not be here, or it would have been even more memorable.

The next day, we joined the free walking tour by Sandemans, and our guide, Kiel, an Australian man was very good, informative and very knowledgable. The tour starts at 11am and it lasted for about 2.5hrs.

We walked the initial part of the Royal Mile, visited the Greyfriar graveyard and continued to the Grassmarket.
This was actually my third time joining a free walking tour, and every time the tourguide has different story to tell, and we can see the different passion and knowledge they have.

This is David Hume statue. It was said that when this statue was built, the Government at that time wanted to replicate, and mimmick the Greek/Romans hence Hume was wearing a toga. Lol..
See his toe in the earlier picture? The toe has gotten yellow, because many people believed that rubbing his toe will bring luck! Well, I think it can bring us germs,

I will really miss these kinds of buildings; ancient looking, grey, and almost dirty big buildings. I will be going back to a country with many skyscrappers and highways.
No more walking from one tourist attraction to the other.

Okay, our next destination: Dublin!
See you soon~

-Because life is a test-


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