Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Of growing up

You know, I think I've aged quite significantly these past two months.
Ending my student life means I no longer receive the monthly living allowance from the Malaysian government, a privilege I have enjoyed for the past 7 years of my life.

I now have to start thinking about other things.
Not only to THINK about them, but TO WORK to get them.
I will need a car, I do not know where I will be posted to.
I want to get married, I need to plan it.

If I get a job in a nearby hospital, I can stay at home but if I get somewhere further, I will need to relocate myself there. That means I need to find a house / room and move myself out of this house now.
Renting a house will usually requires two months deposit + one month rental. I may need to furnish the house, at least a stove, rice cooker, some plates and kitchen stuff.
It's Preston all over again. But in Preston, there were 4 of us in the same boat.
I had Kiew, Syahidah and Ibrizah. We divided the cost, we bought vacuum cleaner, ironing board, pots and pans, broom and mop etc. I need to find new housemates now.

I may need a car. My mum's second car; the very useful Kelisa is for home-use. If I get a job in a different state, the car may not be able to survive a weekly or two weekly drive to and fro different states.
My siblings need the car off and on.
Buying a car needs thousands of RM for the downpayment.
All the RM0 downpayment scheme is a con. Do the maths, you will end up paying a lot more in total.

Bila la nk dpt keje ni.
My medical school final exam was in January, that means I have not studied properly for the past 9 months.
That's scary.
I graduated and came back to Malaysia mid July.
The next job intake is in December. If I am chosen to be in the December intake, that means I was unemployed for roughly 5 months.

People say I should enjoy my unemployed time now.
Time like this will never come again.
True. It will not.
So I should really use the time wisely now.

I just hope some people will stop using the "Work first, then we can talk" attitude.
It is as if as long as I am not working yet, I am not a complete adult.
I am still a child if I am not working.
It makes me angry with this "months of unemployment" because some people still see me as a child because I do not have a payslip yet.

Blergh, these are just some thoughts constantly in my mind now.
Enough of ranting.
I need to get ready to go somewhere now :)


-Because life is a test-

There, my cute little very useful red Kelisa


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