Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Kerja oh Kerja


Tangan tengah gatal nak menaip, even though there are sooo many things I have to do in the kitchen; kupas bawang putih, bawang merah seguni tu, kemas pinggan mangkuk semua.. haih.

Ok anyway, let's talk briefly about my employment status.
So I had my SPA interview on Sept 3rd (two months ago now!), after having gone through all the procedures.
I registered with MMC, received my provisional registration number, sent my personal details form to KKM in Putrajaya (personally, mind you. Xnak post2 nih. Bahaya).
And till now, I am still waiting for panggilan penempatan.

There was an intake in late August, and I found out from Atikah that UKM students will be in that intake.
There were 740 names in that intake.
Then I found out from my interviewer that the next intake is going to be in late October. That was early Sept, so I was really hoping I can get into this late October intake because the next one after that will be late Dec (I asked KKM officer).

A month ago; one day after my KYUEM visit, KKM released the names enlisted for October intake.
And my name wasn't in =[
So that means I will be in the late December list, which will be released late November.

Some three weeks ago, I called KKM to ask if I REALLY am going to be in the Dec list, and they said "WE CANNOT SAY YET, WE DO NOT KNOW. IT DEPENDS ON OUR BOSS"
I was devastated.
I thought I WILL get the December panggilan for SURE.
But at that time, the October intake is not settled yet i.e the appeal process and all, they are still quite tied up and they have not started listing the names for December.

So last week I called again, since last week is the week the October intake have their induction course.
And they said "Well, our bosses have not had their meeting yet and we cannot say if those who were interviewed in September will be enlisted in this Dec list. Those who received their surat lantikan in August, will be in the list"

So that means, they take people by the interview dates.
That means, had I had my SPA interview earlier, I would have been in the August list!
And why did I not have my SPA interview earlier even though I completed the paperwork very early?
Because I did not know we have to call SPA to be put in the waiting list for interview!
I thought we have to just fill in the online SPA application form!


Since I am an overseas graduate, and there weren't many instructions lying around for us (mind you, the instructions given by MMC, JPA or SPA DID NOT mention calling SPA at all), we were left in a limbo. We did not if we have completed EVERYTHING required.

So Kiew and I called and called SPA Hotline.
And as people might have guessed, no one answered the phone.
We called, and called many many times a day, and many many days a week.
Until it was raya holiday.
So we called again after the one week raya holiday.
Until at last Kiew filed the ePertanyaan (or was it ePengaduan?) in SPA website. She then received a prompt reply, giving her the EXACT number for the dept that manages our interview.
And only then did we know we have to call to list our name in the waiting list.

So I wish my juniors will not do the same mistake as I did.
Call SPA to get ur names in the interview waiting list.
MMC registration can be done in a day or two (if you send your application personally and pick your certificate yourself).
SPA is the slow bit.

Ok lah, tu je.


-Because life is a test- -AkMaR-

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