Thursday, December 1, 2016

Weddings Here and There


Few years back, my phone gallery used to be full of outings or lecture slides that we were too lazy to copy on paper - but ended up not copying them pun at home.

Once I started working, my phone gallery became full of foot ulcer pics, scans and xray images.
You wont want to start scrolling through my gallery. My younger sister almost cried seeing the gory pictures.
Not to forget, the weekly timetables since sometime the timetable of the week was changed so many times we have many versions of it.

I am wiser now.
I've disable the auto-download feature on WhatsApp. That means I can choose not to download those gory pictures.
And I make it a point to delete those pictures every few months.
So I dont have that much of them now.

I went thru my phone galleries lately.
And I noticed there were so many wedding pictures.
My circle of friends is expanding.
People I know is getting engaged / married.
I used to go to my parent's friend's children's wedding.
Not anymore. I now go to my friend's wedding.

So these are the collection of weddings Akmal and I attended since our own wedding last April.

Of course, we shall start from my very own wedding.

11 April 2015

22 Nov 2015
Zawanah and Izzat's wedding.
They were both my seniors in my workplace.
People say they err got closer during Orthopaedics posting - which was my first posting.
And I was so clueless!

The house officers and little ones!

Syaira, me and Alia.

2 April 2016
Syahidah's wedding.
My 3 year housemate in Preston.
I don't know when she get to know this man, she was always very secretive 😒

Ibrizah and husband. She got married too in Singapore but I couldn' make it 😞

Well, as usual. Bobby @ Zulhilmi was Syahidah's photographer too

30 April 2016
Akmal's INTEC mate wedding
@ Perbadanan Putrajaya
- well I don't know much about this couple but I think they know each other from HACC - a club focusing on outdoor activities in INTEC.
I've never actually seen Akmal interacted with his peers for so his reunion was kinda new for me.

18 June 2016

Praba Shanmugam's wedding
Well she was my primary school mate! I've known her for more than half of my life.
This is one wedding that Akmal could not attend with me hence I brought Kak Ra instead.
This was my first Indian wedding and it was nice and I get to meet my favourite high school teacher! (well apart from my mum)

23 July 2016
Akmal's cousin's wedding
@ Johor

We actually made a one day journey back and forth Johor - Putrajaya on this day.
Akmal has so many cousins and many of them got engaged / married lately but due to our packed schedule, we always weren't able to make it.
Hence this time we really tried our best.

30 July 2016

Sharifah Farhana's wedding
Another school mate of mine.
I know her from Form 1 and I used to call her father "Shed", instead of "Sayyed"

27 Aug 2016
This was probably my most awaited wedding.
Alia and Faisal's wedding.

They are our colleagues in hospital.
They know each other from med school and were always being teased.
Their wedding was grand and nice and cosy, and tasty.
It was everything nice, except that it's far from my house and I was stuck in almost 2hrs traffic jam on my way there and then lost my way back from there.

Was there any other weddings that I missed?
Can't remember, it's 1am and I need to sleep.
Fortunately it's my off day tomorrow.

Good night!

-Because life is a test-


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