Tuesday, February 28, 2017

So I finally completed my housemanship last week, albeit being 2 months later than scheduled.
Wednesday 15th Feb was my last day.

For those who don't know, doctors in Malaysia have to first complete a 2 year training program before they can be a fully certified doctor.
Within these 2 years, we rotate through 6 departments; 4 months each. If you're deemed competent u'll complete within 4 months and move to the next dept.
If not, they'll extend your rotation for 2 months and u can only be extended twice before being asked to transfer hospital for a final assessment.
And during these 2 years, we are called HO (house officer).
After completing the training, we are called MO (medical officer).
I need to remind though, a house officer is still a doctor.

So how did my last day as a HO differ from my first day as an MO?

Well superficially, I brought a more fancy sling bag.
On Wed I brought backpack but on Thursday I brought my leather-like sling bag.

But apart from that, it did not differ much

I worked in the Emergency Dept for one day as an MO.
The next day, my appeal to float in Anaesthesiology Dept was approved :D
Hence since then, I am an Anaesth MO.

I used the word "float".
That is the term used for us who have finished our housemanship and is waiting to be transferred out.
In some hospitals, we can choose which dept will we like to float in. My place however, doesn't seem to be that flexible. We must float where they want us to.

Most and especially HOs in Klang Valley will be transferred out of Klang Valley once they complete their HO ship.
I applied for Melaka, however I am placed in Johor grrr..
I've since sent an appeal letter to KKM to be posted in Malacca and is still waiting for the reply.

-Because life is a test-