Sunday, April 23, 2017

My First CSE

Sorry I've been lazy and not updating my blog as frequent as I wanted to.
Today is a special day.
My first attempt at CSE (Combined Spinal) anaesthesia and I nailed it!

I did it under Dr R's observation and I was extremely nervous.
Thank God my hands did not shake as much as they did when I first attempted spinal anaesthesia under her supervision - she was assessing my competency at that time.

I know this is too much of a jump - I have not talked about my relocation, my current department and all.
I am quiet in a rush now, couldn't afford to write much.
But since today is a special day - my first CSE attempt - hence I feel very compelled to type them out.
Enough to say I am now an Anaesth MO in a small district hospital in Johor.
Yes, Johor.

'til then!

-Because life is a test-



  1. I really need your advise badly regarding some MMC registration issues. Could you please give me your e-mail address?

  2. I love this blog already! I don't know how to say but you are so much inspiring!

  3. Glad you find my blog inspiring.
    Kadang2 mcm malas nk update pun ada, x smpat.