Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's Normal, until It's Gone


"We never realise some things are good, until we lost them"

It's true isn't it?

I've nvr paid attention to my spectacles, until I accidentally broke it off.
And when I need to buy a new one, I realised I like mine the best.
Of the hundreds designs of spectacles, none grabbed my attention.
And at last I gotta settle for the one that look almost exactly like my old spectacles, just without the colourful designs on the side.

Why are people like that?
We always do not appreciate the things we own, the people around us, until they're gone, until they leave us.
Silly right?

Regardless of how many reminders we received, to love and appreciate the people around us, the things we own and the life we're having, humans tend to forget, once in a while.

Then, we regret.


Saturday 22nd May 2010


  1. hahah.... sorry...
    but i think ni mmg berlaku kt sume org...
    = (