Monday, May 16, 2016

White Chocolate Macadamia

Thursday 12 May was Nurse's Day
And the nurses in my workplace bought themselves 3 Secret Recipe cakes.

But no one had the courtesy to offer me some of it when I came into the pantry for my quick lunch at 3.30pm
To be fair, there were only 3 of them left in the pantry; 2 nurses with 1 PPK.
Perhaps they weren't the friendliest of them.

But I tried to be friendly, "Yeaa...ada cake.. Nk sikit?"
To my horror, nurse#1 growled.
Then PPK said "Amik la Dr..tapi ni kongsi ramai2.."

I felt like saying Ok fine xpe, xnak makan la"
Tapi nanti nampak mcm merajuk sgt pulak.

"Ok...thank you!"
Padahal dalam hati aduh sakitnya.

So today I managed to drag him to Secret Recipe and have my own slice of White Chocolate Macadamia cake! :D

-Because life is a test-

Secret Recipe IOI Mall

Barista ni nak buat motif apa sebenarnya ni?

Friday, May 13, 2016

Reaccessing this blog

OK, so I managed to reaccess this blog
For some reason, it just decided to cooperate with me and allow me to access my blog.
I just had to change my password.

And to my surprise, the HP number and email address linked to this account of mine was Hui Fong's.
No wonder I can't recall any of my previous numbers which ended with XX28

Anyway, I can start writing on this blog againn!!
After one terrible year!

-Because life is a test-


Sunday, May 17, 2015

My Wedding Story #2 :: Dulang Hantaran 1

Disclaimer: The English language in this post is tailored to suit the Malaysian writer, and readers!

Ok, so yesterday I announced my engagement date; 8 Nov 2014!

I've just got to know that dulang-dulang hantaran are to be sent during bertunang (engagement). I thought they are to be sent during bernikah (solemnisation).
So what is a dulang hantaran?
Dulang literally mean "tray" and hantaran is "gifts".
So the couple will buy gifts for each other and the gifts are presented in trays.
The gifts are usually personal accessories eg watch, ring, belt, wallet, handbag, purse, Quran etc.

The girl should send 2 dulang more than the man. So in my case, since Akmal will be sending 9 dulangs, I need to give him 11!
But worry not, not all 11 dulangs have to be personal gifts. It can be fruit baskets, cakes, chocolates and any other food I deem interesting.

My main problem is......decorating the dulang!
I am very very bad in arts, like really really bad.
I can't even draw a straight line.
How can I decorate my own dulang?

But hey, we can always buy ready made dulang!!
So mama and I went to the nearby kedai barang aksesori pengantin.
And these are our catch ♥

RM 338 for five dulangs!
That means I need to buy 2 sets of this, plus one more.
So it will cost me at least RM700 *gasping for air*

This is even simpler, but is the same price with the previous one.

This is in one of the shops in Nilai 3.
I will still need to spend at least RM700 for the 11 dulangs *cry cry*

So after seeing the prices, I felt so sad and depressed.
Money is almost always the problem, isn't it?

I have decided.....

To decorate my own dulang!
I am going to take this challenge and decorate them myself!
But of course, I need to drag my sister into this project haha.

Akmal and I bought most of the items for the hantaran in UK last year.
We grabbed the boxing day opportunity and managed to buy quite a lot of items for a cheaper price.
So what I need to do now is to have a proper look at the items I bought and look for ideas to decorate the trays.
I have decided to copy the design I find most interesting.
Since my theme colour is blue, my trays must be in blue as well.

Hmm...light blue and white is a good combination right?
Or light blue and pink.

I googled around, and these images below are the results when I searched for "design hantaran jam tangan":

This is beautiful. But the bicycle is quite pricey

Simple and elegant eh? I may do something like this

The flower is heavy, but I like the concept.

More examples

I have been to a few kedai barang-barang pengantin to survey the prices and the decorations they have.
These shops usually have some ready made dulang for customers so that gave me the chance to have a proper look at the dulang, how did they stick the flowers together, how did they arrange the flowers etc.

One tip, if you want to go and survey a few shops, a camera is very handy.
I used my phone camera to snap the picture of the items, and a closer shot at the price tag.
This way, I will be able to compare prices from different shops.

I have also bought the October 2014 Pesona Pengantin magazine.
Did you know that is cost RM14.90?! My God...

Well, there were many hantaran and wedding dress designs in the magazine. But the dress design bit is not so practical for me.
How could they suggest sleeveless wedding dress to Malay readers?!
Well, we can say majority of the magazine readers will be Malay.
Anyway, that is a completely different topic.

You know, the Akmar that I know two months ago will not know where to find barang-barang perkahwinan.
I can only think of Nilai 3, since their advertisement as "Kedai Pengantin Terbesar di Malaysia" is so big along PLUS highway.
I can never imagine trusting myself to decorate my own dulang hantaran.

But now, since I have actually started to open my eyes to these things; it all became clearer.
I have just realised that there are 2 very big kedai barang pengantin within 10km of my house.
I have never paid attention to them before. I didn't have to.
That means, if you open your eyes enough, you will see it.
That's one life lesson for us.

I actually wrote this post on October 8th 2014.
But I have scheduled it in such a way that it will only become public on 17th May 2015.
So that is my little brother, Kean Chye's birthday!
Happy Birthday KC!

Tomorrow you will read more about my engagement dress *weewiitt* and how I surveyed for the dulang hantaran.

-Because life is a test-


Saturday, May 16, 2015

My Wedding Story #1:: Merisik


Ok, harini nk cerita about merisik.
Well, as far as I know, merisik ni tradisi zaman dahulu kala.
When a man (or his family) is interested in a girl, he doesn't approach the girl. Instead, he will send his family to approach the girl's family (sweet kan?).
His family will ask, Is this girl available? Will she be interested in our son? Can we have a better look at her? etc etc.
The family doesn't come empty handed though! They will usually bring a gift; most of the time, a ring.
So they will give the ring to the girl via the family and if the girl accepts the "risikan" (which literally means the peep), the ring will be hers.
If she is not interested in the man, then the family will return the ring (not necessarily on the same day, I think). time passes, and men started travelling out of their hometown, they don't approach the girls via the family anymore.
They approach the girl on their own.
Hence, he will know whether the girl is available or not, is the girl interested in him etc etc.
But because the tradition is already there, the man's family will still come to the girl's family to "merisik" - that makes it official between families.
Sometimes it's funny, the couple has known each other for years yet the man's family has to come and "merisik", to ask the availability of the girl. Obviously lah perempuan tu available kannn...

Akmal's rombongan merisik came to my house on September 21st :D *grin grin*
I was very very nervous. Mama and I went to scout for a new dress for me.
The dress cost RM221 in total! RM190 for the dress and RM31 for alteration, since it was quite big for me.
I wore the same scarf I wore during my convocation, a satin scarf which I bought for £7 in Rusholme.

One thing about merisik, the man does not come.
Remember the motive of a risikan? To ask if the girl is available.
It will be embarrassing for the man if the girl's family replied downright that the girl is not available, or is not interested in him.
So to avoid any embarrassment directly, the man does not follow.
Such a thoughtful custom.

So on that day, Akmal waited in the surau in my taman.
My father sent my youngest brother to accompany him there.
His rombongan consists his parents, elder brother and his wife and daughter.

He bought me a gold ring *wee mata kelip2*
He went to shop for the ring with his parents about a week before the risikan, and apparently it was their choice.
I was so nervous as he refused to give me even a picture of the ring; I do not know how will the ring look like.
Weyh, mak mentua yg pilih weyh. Tak seram?
Besar ke? Kcik ke? Emas ke? Kosong ke? Ringan ke?
The more I think, the more nervous I get.
But I needed to advise myself, tu org bagi tau. Bersyukur laaa...
Be thankful!

According to Akmal, merisik is only between the nuclear families.
But my mum invited my first uncle over to be the spokesman.

Akmal's family arrived at 1pm.
I was not supposed to be there (according to my mum), so I waited in her room (because her room has aircond and I put on some light make-up and didn't want it to melt. Also, her room faces the front gate so I can see them arriving).

Akmal gave me a heads-up, saying his family arrived and he is already in the surau so I ran to the window and peeked out.
His mother was holding a nice tray with something on it! That must be the gift! Wow...
I thought she will just bring the ring in her handbag. I didn't know there will be a proper gift.
*ahaaaa excited*

And then I saw my dad walking out of the house to open the gate for them.
I was so nervous I can't sit still in the room.
My heart pumped so fast and strong it felt as if my chest is going to burst open.
I tried to eavesdrop and when I heard "datang ni nak merisik anak perempuan.....", I felt so *undescribable* and can't continue listening. I went back into my mum's room and waited for my sister to come up and fetch me.
When the time is right i.e. my family accepted the risikan, my sister will call me down for the mother to put the ring on my finger.

Just some happy pictures during the discussion. Credit: my beautiful sis, Aisyah

Future in laws

Future in laws, insyaAllah~

Before long, my sister came up.
I came down with her, all eyes on me (or so I thought), and sat on the sofa.
When my uncle gave the cue, my sister took a large cushion and put in front of my future mother-in-law, for me to sit on (bersimpuh weyh...), and the mother put on the ring on me :)

Here are some more pictures!

Sarung cincin, la cincin...

Close up :)

And the hugging that comes after.
Moga dipermudahkan.
Jgn la jadi mcm cite cite Melayu tragedi ibu mertua and menantu. Amiiin..

After sarung cincin, I sat down for a while and then was asked to go up again because my family wanted to discuss "further".
I went up, and admired the ring on my own.

Then Aisyah gave me the cue to call Akmal and bro to come from surau and have lunch.
I went down too but did not have lunch with them.
I'm afraid I will stain my pretty dress.

The gift from them. There was kain in the box - for me to make baju kurung

Our gift for them - a fruit basket and two pieces of mooncake

My outfit for the day. And the ring.

-Because life is a test-

We have decided that our engagement date will be on the 8th of Nov 2014!
I am now planning for my engagement pula.

I completed this post on Oct 7th, that means I have a month before the engagement!
I am going to Masjid India with mama in a little while. She is still in her raya haji school holiday.
This post is scheduled to be published on May 16th 2015. Tomorrow another post will be published: my plan and thoughts of the engagement :)


Friday, May 15, 2015

My Wedding Story :: Intro

Assalammualaikum :)

My Wedding Story.
Mcm pelik sikit, segan pulak.

I am writing this on Oct 2, 2014 but I will schedule it in such a way that it will only be published on 15 May 2015.
I will write my journey and experiences in planning my merisik day, engagement and wedding day.
That will include where do I look for my dresses, how do I decorate my dulang hantaran (which I decided to do myself) and many others.

It's a bit embarrassing to let everyone know about my wedding, because I consider it very personal.
But I also find blogs that write about their experiences helpful, because I do not have anyone to really guide me through the steps.

I am the first child of the first child; I am the first grandchild.
My mum is a Chinese while my father was born in Indonesia.
Malay culture is not in my blood, but since I am going to marry a Malay man, I will need to do it the Malay way (but of course, with some Chinese touches).

InsyaAllah, I will marry Dr Mohd Noor Akmal, a man I met while doing my phase 2 MBBS in Royal Preston Hospital.
Things have not been a bed of roses for us, but I doubt they are for other people too :)

So yea, from now on I will write my journey in planning my wedding under this headline: My Wedding Story.
And it will be scheduled to be published on 15th, 16th, 17th and the rest of May 2015.

Wish me all the best! :)

-Because life is a test-


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Being the most junior in the rank

OK so I've passed my two months in the service.
In about 4 days time, it will be exactly two months since I started working in this hospital (the first week of service was spent in a hotel, learning about government secrets)

What have happened so far?
Many things la, of course.
Tapi today I want to talk about something a little bit more specific.
Something yang lg senang cite in Manglish.
Something yang, nak kata best boleh, x best pun ada.

You know what people say about HOs kn?
It should be House Officer, tapi ada yang cakap Hamba Orang.
Well, in some ways la. Tp kita mana boleh mengaku hamba selain kepada Yang Maha Esa, betul tak?
But I need to admit la yg in some ways, we are the lowest in the rank.
Yg mana kadang2 nurses pun perangai macam boss ktorg. Demm. Rasa nk gigit dorg wktu tu.

Dh la tu, first posting pulak tu.
Means, even within HOs, ktorg la yang paling kcik dan paling adik.
Lagi la tak tau mende.
Masuk system mmg blurrr sgt.
Amik darah pun awal2 tu ketar2.
Smpai skg, nk masuk branula pun teragak2 (darah slalu la dpt, sbb boleh amik brachial terus. Haha)

To make matters worse, kadang2 ada seniors yg mcm lahir2 terus dh jadi 4th or 5th posters.
Punya la selalu cari kesalahan kitorg.
Whenever we make mistakes, since we are "new", mesti terus tegur dalam group.
"To newcomers......bla bla bla"
"We've told you guys to.....bla bla bla"
"Please do....bla bla bla"

Xtau la whether ktorg slalu dpt the bulk of the work so ktorg slalu terbuat salah or...memang org lain x buat salah OR, bila seniors screw up, the mistakes xkn di blast dlm grp.

Sometimes I feel mcm "Ya Allah...apahal la senior depan aku ni underestimate aku sgt nihh.."
Bnda mcm ni pun nk kna bgtau, stressed kan smpai mcm tu skali ke?

Selalu kena blast dlm grp sbab:
1) Tak bagi definitive plan
2) Alert benda yg x payah alert
3) X alert benda yg kena alert
4) Ktorg xtau nk buat apa

Oh well, nk bgtau ni.
1) Kdg2 tu, bkn ktorg xnk bg definitive plan. Kitorg belum sempaaaat lagi nk type definitive plan kt sms, or x smpat nk screen capture lagi. Terus dpt message "PLEASE GIVE YOUR DEFINITIVE PLAN". Demm, tggu la kjap. Bkn nye u've waited 30mins for the plan. 5minit pun belum. Faham la, ED bkn ada line sgt. Kdg2 messages tu lambat smpai. X perlu la jumpy sgt. Terus terkam ktorg ckp x reti buat kerja

2) Kdg2 tu, ktorg dh consult seniors lain. Senior tu kata, alert kan je. Biar dorg dapat heads up. Tiba2 bila dh alert tu, either a) Dpt message blast dlm grp "Jgn alert klo belum sure, sbab nti pening ktorg" or b) Dpt private message, "Hey don't alert if pt belum optimised"...
Yaaa begitu la ceritanya. Alert susah, x alert kan pun susah.
Satu senior ckp ni, satu lagi ckp ni.

3) X alert kn benda yg kena alert.
OK, ni kna mengaku la. Mmg salah ktorg.
Kdg2 xtau pun bnda ni kena alert. Lagi2 bila involve peri team. X terfikir pun.
Or sometimes, terlepas pandang. Igt kn org sebelum ni dh alert kn (rupanya belum alertkan, sbb pt belum optimised)
Tu, memang ktorg salah.
Sorry eh. Lenkali x buat dah.

4) Xtau nak buat apa.
Ha ni, mixed reactions skit.
Ada yg akn seronok bgtau nk buat apa.
Ada yang "I thought we have told you guys.......bla bla bla"

OK, tiba2 post ni dh ter jadi sesi kutuk seniors.
Don't get me wrong eh.
Mosttt of my seniors now baek2 belaka.
Yg 6th posters tu, baekkk sgt mcm abang2 kakak2.
Fhm je kami yg first posters ni, kadang2 mmg blank and blurr level 9000.
Lenkali dh jadi senior, nk jadi macam dorg.
*mata bersinar penuh harapan memikirkan masa hadapan*

Cuma ada satu, dua, tiga seniors je yg mcm pak polisi gitu.
3 je ke? Ntah, dlm kepala skg mcm ada dua je.
Yg lagi beberapa mcm dh habis posting nih. So xpe la. Let them go.

Ada satu senior ni, baek jugak.
Dia ajar psl pt management, from whatsapp je.
Rupanya dia tgh nk tegur regarding my erm..mismanagement jgk lah waktu tu.
Nk tegur yg I terlepas pandang sesuatu perkara.
So, dia buat macam ni...

"Apa jd kt patient tu semlm?" - Dia tnya maaacam dia xtau psl pt tu

So sy ckp la apa jadi. Cewah, mcm tau sangat. "GCS dia dropped tiba2 semalam...."

Then dia tnya "Apa sebab GCS dia drop?" - tnya mcm dia nk find out more abt pt.

So I said la "Ntah la eh. Nk kata hypo, DXT dia ok." Ha yg ni memang jawapan honest, xtau sebab apa pt tu collapse tiba2.

Pastu dia tnya lagi, "Apa bnda2 yg boleh menyebabkan GCS drop?"
Ha tang tu bru sedar, ohh...dia tgh nk bring me to differentials.
So discuss la tang tung tang tung possible causes of altered GCS.

Lps tu bru la I understand " ni collapse sebab tu..."
Alamak, ye ke sbb tu?
Since I did not know the pt collapse sebab "itu", maka I did not monitor vitals dia sgt, sbb patient tu mmg dh intubated.
Seniors lain pun sebelum balik told me "Dia la patient yg awak paling x payah risau. Sebab dia dh intubated"
Makanya, hari itu I did not actually monitor vitals dia / bc report dia, and actually I should have done so.
Walaupun xde la affect sgt management, sbb kita mmg dh x boleh buat apa2 kt patient tu.
And rupanya dia tgh nk bgtau psl bnda yg I missed tu la.
Tgk, kan mcm mengajar dengan lembut tu.
Xde pun "guys....if you are the long shift and there is an intubated patient in your ward...please......bla bla bla" kt dalam group whatsapp.

Tp tu la, disadvantage nye adalah this slight-temporary-incompetency, is known only to me and the people yg I cite.
Tp klo dorg blast dlm grp, sume org la akn tau cite ni. And maybe, x repeat benda yg sama.

Ha ok lah.
Dah habis cite.
Tu je takat ni.
Nanti ada masa boleh cite lagi.
Klo ada senior ke/ MO mana2 terbaca post ni, and mengenali diri ini, ahaks. X blh nk buat apa lah.
Sape makan cili, dia terasa pedas.
Klo x rasa pedas, sila la rasa manis. Kerana anda termasuk orang yang sy puji kat atas nih.

To non-medical people, I think half of this post does not make sense to you.
Sorry eh.
Cant afford the time to explain.

'til then,

-Because life is a test-


Sunday, January 18, 2015

The First Month of Life

It has been a month now, since I started working in this govt hospital.

I reported duty on the 8th of Dec at Ibis Hotel (which was right in front of my housing area! Grrr..) and went through a one-week induction course. The course is called "Program Transformasi Minda". All government servants are required to go through this course before "sah lantik" - that means you've passed the probation terms.
The name was recently changed to Prog Transformasi Minda. I think previously it was just Kursus Induksi or something.

I received the hospital allocation one month before the course, to give people enough time to look for accommodation etc - I am very fortunate that the hospital I am placed at is very near my parent's house so I don't have to look for one.

On Dec 15th, I reported duty at the hospital itself and we had a further one week orientation course. Since the hospital is an IT hospital, we had the last two whole days dedicated to learn the IT system. So future Malaysian doctors, the structure was like this:
8am till 5pm is orientation course.
5pm till 10pm is TAGGING period. For the first week.
On the second week, it is 7am till 10pm tagging.

During the induction course in Ibis Hotel, they were saying that KKM is gonna change the structure. The first week will be fully for orientation, that means the new doctors go home at 5pm.
Tagging only starts on the second week - which I personally find better.

Unlike what I previously thought, tagging does not mean you are attached to an MO.
It just means you are a tagger in the department. The HO leader of the dept will assign you to a ward, and you just work in the ward.
For first posters (that means people like me, newly fresh graduated doctor), we do not hold any beds for the first few days.
Holding beds means we are fully in charge of the specific beds in the ward.
Any blood test needed, scans or other imaging, referrals etc are done by us.

Tagging also mean you are not yet in the shift system - you just work from 7am to 10pm.
Doing things you are capable of or, incapable of - but need to quickly learn.
You will have a tagging sheet, which is specially designed by the department - that you need to fill throughout tagging period. The sheet consist of skills you need to perform and perhaps master, within two weeks.

During the orientation, we will be divided into the 5 departments; Medical, Orthopaedics, Obs Gynae, Paediatrics or Surgery. There are in total 6 departments a HO must go into, but the last one; Emergency Dept or Anaesthesia is reserved only for 5th or 6th posting.
That's wise.
I can't imagine doing ED for my first, or even second posting.

OK, so I was allocated Orthopaedics.
My first thought was: OH NOOOO~ ANATOMYYYY.

But after a month, I am glad I was put into Orthopaedics first.
God always know the best for us.

Orthopaedics is by far, perhaps the most relaxed posting in this hospital.
By relaxed, I don't mean we have nothing to do, or we get to go back at 10pm sharp everyday.
Relaxed in a HO world means - sometimes you have time to eat and on some oncall nights, you get 2-3hrs of sleep.

So to start off my career with Orthopaedics posting gave me time and space to learn the system and the survival skills.
And because it is not too stressful, the seniors are quite kind to us and are willing to teach us few things.

Recently there were two sixth posters who have just completed ED posting, started in Orthopaedics.
They are of course, very skilful.
And because they find Orthopaedics relaxing, compared to ED that they have just finished in - they are very nice and very willing to help me and friends (the blurr blur first posters)
Had this posting be Medical, they might be too busy to teach me little things like which bottle for which blood test.

Hmm ok la, tu je la kot for now.
I passed my tagging assessment two weeks ago, and since then for the past two weeks I have been in the shift system - I had three on call nights already.
My learning curve for the past one week went up exponentially - and I actually am enjoying this job.
I just hope my friends in other departments feel the same.


-Because life is a test-


Monday, December 1, 2014

My Definition of Feminism


So that day I watched this one advert in the tele, and it went like this....

A girl, with oily, dull face and some pimple scars was trying to park her car in front of a building.
There were some men outside, nearby to where she was and were looking at her.
Then, she came out of the car and one of the man shouted at her "Hoi, x boleh parking sini laaa. Pergi! Pergi"
(I can't remember the EXACT dialogue but u get the message)

So she was sad and annoyed and went back into her car with some revengeful intentions.
She took out her cosmetic set, put on her make up there and then in the car (nevermind the fact her face was really oily at that time and girls, you should wash your face before applying any make up!).

After her makeover, she came out of the car and one of the men who were looking at her with disgust just now, rushed to her car and get her car keys frm her, to valet park her car!

And she walked into the building with pride~

And so, I was disgusted with the motion the advert brings.

Like seriously?
Serendah macam tu ke martabat seorg perempuan yg diorg nk bawak skrg?
Kalau cantik, apa pun bolehhh... Klo x cantik, "Eh hello..get lost from here!"

So klo prmpn x cantik, muka tgh oily accident tepi jalan, tayar letup ke apa ke, mmg sekian la x pyh harap ada white knight dtg selamatkan?
IMHO, bkn white knight yg patut selamatkn, mmg all lelaki shd help women in distress - to HELP, not to flirt.

I know now that may not be the case, ada je prmpn yg x berapa nk fashionable but still get help and fair treatment from people. But if this is the concept of adverts, in the future we will start to think this way; you want help? Be pretty!

I think the feminism force in Malaysia especially should focus to counter these types of advertisements.
The adverts that focus that a woman must use their products to be beautiful to get people's attention and be seen.
I know women like beauty, but I think the beauty should be used to boost her own confidence, and be able to walk head held high in the public.
Not to get a man, get a parking space or simply getting a fair treatment.

Mmg, I can't deny that during some occasions, I tend to dress more, or perhaps more precisely, more appropriate.
I went to KKM to ask about my job intake and I wear very nice attire and made myself up a little bit. I had a feeling if I look better, then the KKM officer will not be annoyed with my thousands of questions so easily.
Sometimes, when a person looks not-too-good, syaitan berbisik and ckp "Dh, x suka la tgk muka dia. Cpt2, halau dia pegi"
So, klo kita pkai cantik skit, org tu boleh la layan soalan2 kita yg beribu2 ni lama2 skit.

Feminism should not focus on getting a woman everything a man gets.
Feminism should be on striving to get what a woman should get.

Dulu waktu KTM bru introduce ladies coach; tu yg pink comel2 tu, I can't understand why a certain feminism champion organisation rejects the idea.
The reason given was kenapa nak perkecilkan kudrat seorang perempuan? Perempuan pun boleh tahan la nk dduk koc dengan lelaki. Ingat perempuan ni lemah sgt ke?
Haaaa...tu la hujah yang diberikan oleh seorang wanita ni, yang mewakili satu persatuan wanita ni.

I really felt like biting her head off.

Makcik, cuba pi naik ktm tu pkul 5 ptg on hari bekerja.
From KL balik Serdang.
Tgk makcik diri kt dalam coach tu ngn sape.
Tgk ketiak sape yg ada dekattt ngn our face at that time.
Tgk mcm mana punya sesakkk berhimpit2 until we are not even sure "Ni aku ni tgh kena raba ke org ni tergesel je ni?"

Dh ada org nk protect kita from benda2 mcm ni, baguih la tu.
Why did she feel the women's coach is actually seeing a woman as being weak that we need our own coach?

Having said all these, I am not sure if men face the same problem.
Ada ke perempuan2 di luar sana yg tgk "Eh mamat ni x hensem la, rambut leperr je... x pyh la kasi dia discount"?


-Because life is a test-


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cuti2 Malaysia dh Nak Habis


Ok, I officially have about 2 more weeks only to be called an unemployed medical graduate.
Dh sedia ke nk bekerja sebagai seorang doktor, Akmar oi?
Jawapan: Ntah la. Macam belum je.

Pagi tadi one of my friends posted this status in her FB page:

Semalam. Hari yg dhsyat.
tapi Allah tu xpernah berhenti memujuk..
Admission yg sgt banyak..
Kena marah lg dgn keluarga patient..dlm keadaan dri sndri tgh stress takut kena marah dgn mo n specialist sbb byk keje xsiap..beban perasaan yg bertambah2.

dilute drug. Tgn kena kaca. Nk cepat punya pasal. Darah xberhenti2. Tiba2 ada orang hulur handiplast.
'Nah doktor.'
toleh belakang.
'Ya Allah. Nurse..awk perasan ke?terharu la sy cmni'
Siap lari tolong amek. Siap tolong balutkan..
*tapi lepas tu keja pn jd lmbat. Nk amek darah susah. Nk tulis susah. Baru sedar nikmat ibu jari. Nmpk remeh tp sgt bermakna..

Tgh rounds..
Serabut dgn byk benda..

Finally broken down into tears in front of patients, patients' relatives and nurses. Xpernah ngis cmni sepanjang 3minggu keje.walaupun setiap hari 6 smpi 11..digagahkn jugak. Tp akhirnya kalah jugak dgn air mata sndri.huhu

Bila orang panggil..
'doktor..doktor.. ubat ni macam mana?'
'Doktor..doktor.. patient ni mcm mana?'

Semua x boleh nak dijawab sebab tgh nangis dgn dahsyatnya sampai xboleh bfikir.
malu plak bila pk. Adeh..

Round blom hbis.Ingt nk skip round.malu nk ngadap mo n specialist dgn mata mo panggil jugak. Nyorok blkg mo yg tggi sbb xnk org nmpk.
Mo: hey r u ok?
Me: doktor jgn tny. Nnt sy ngis lg *sambil berusaha lap air mata yg xnyempat2 nk kluar time2 cmni *

Mo tarik tgn. Kluar dr group perbincangan

mo: u all gi sana dlu. Nanti u pun nangis skali.
Me: *dlm hati* sempat lg main2 die ni
Mo: r u ok? I tau working environment lain dari masa study. Bla bla bla.. *xingt dh die ckp apa sbb sibuk sgt nk lap air mata.haha
Me: sorry doktor. Doktor mesti tension kan dapat 1st poster.
Mo: no la.its u want me to teach u or not?

*terkejut. Susah sgt nk jumpa doktor bahagian surgery yg blh bsabar mcm ni skali. Lagi terharu bila doktor pura2 sruh kt tulis dlm patient folder, supaya xpyah ikut round. semata2 supaya die blh talk heart-to-heart dgn diri yg ntah pape ni

Habis je round mlm tu,msg doktor..

Me: Thank you so much for just now. It may look simple to u but it really helps. Im so sorry for what happened. Stress dengan diri sendiri. Having u all as my bosses is a bless but I still mess up things. I'll try my best to adapt and learn
Mo: No problem . Take it easy. All of us have gone through the same thing. Just relax and be strong

balik mlm tu terus tido xnyempat2.kepenatan.
Tido dgn senyuman.

Hari yg dhsyat tp Allah still bg hadiah dgn cara yg lain.

P/s: hari ni bjaya siapkn semua keje walaupun tggal 2 org 1st poster dlm ward.waaaa cm xcaye!

Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal. Hanya Allah tau yg terbaik ♥

Seram tak baca?
Saya seram... seram sangat.

I've heard the story of HO (read: House Officer) crying countless times.
But it has never scared me as much as this one from my friend.
Perhaps because as this status comes from a friend, it felt nearer to me?

Kena marah ngn keluarga patients.
Takutnye bnda tu berlaku. Klo tgh stress, will I fight them back?
But if I fight, I will cry in the middle of the fight.
Selalu mcm tu. Emo nk marah org, diri sndiri nangis smbil marah2 org.
Malu la klo that happens.

Habis tu, nk snyap je bila kena marah ngn family patients?
My mum pun pernah marah doktor sbb dia kna tggu lama.
Even my nenek.
Tp doktor bkn nye tgh minum kopi goyang kaki kt ward/clinic tu.
And kita pun tahu patients tggu nk berjanggut kt waiting room tu.
Masing2 tgh stress, nk ledak kt sape?

Sape nk jadi air, sape nk jadi api?
Sbb api hnya blh lawan ngn air.

Setiap hari keje 6 to 11
6am to 11pm.
Boleh tahan ke?
I have migraine, klo x ckup tido, x ckup makan, boleh trigger headache.
Not only migraine, tension headache pun ada.
Tension headache tu, as the name suggest; headache sbb muscles of the head tense up - sbb stress or anxiety biasanye.
Ada yg saya kena makan beta-blocker hari2 nanti.

'doktor..doktor.. ubat ni macam mana?'
'Doktor..doktor.. patient ni mcm mana?'

Mcm mana klo sy x boleh jwb?
Mcm mana klo sy xtau nk buat apa ngn patient kt dpn sy ni?
Xkn all the time nk refer OHCM, or Sarawak Handbook?

What if I gave the wrong instructions?

Fkir2 balik, tu sebab la we have two weeks of tagging.
"Tagging" is a process compulsory for all new HOs in every dept.
I am not entirely sure how is the process, but if I am not mistaken you will be attached to an MO (read: Medical Officer. Senior la tu) and you tag him/her wherever she goes.
Wktu tu la nk absorb everythinggg..
Wktu tu la you don't have to answer for your own decision, because you don't make decisions.
You observe.

And if your supervisor deem you not competent by the end of the two weeks, you tagging time will be extended.

Readykah aku?
Sorry, belum kot.
So nak buat apa skrg?

Pergi la baca buku oiii..

Ok, lepas ni nak Asar.
Tadi dh azan.
Lepas tu, *janji kt diri sndiri*, pegi amik Sarawak Handbook.


-Because life is a test-


Monday, November 10, 2014

Hoyeahh! Dh Dapat Kerja!


Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah (Thanks to Him).
I have just received my placement results this morning, and guess what?
I will be working in Hospital Serdang!!

Baru je some days ago dok bising2 psl x dpt keje lagi.
Tak sangka pulak the result is gonna be released today!
I thought it will be late Nov, just like any other intakes (the end of the month).

So I was having breakfast this morning when I received a whatsapp from Kiew, telling me the result is out and she will be working in Taiping! I screamed and ran upstairs, leaving Kak Ra stunned in the kitchen. Ran and screamed the whole way up into my room, grab my lappie and ran back down to the dining table.
By then I was so nervous, agitated, and not surprisingly, shivering too!

My mac took the longest time ever to startup this morning and by then I have already texted Akmal, who was in the car at that time.

Punya laaa lama tau tggu mac ni start and Google Chrome to open up.





Dapat Hospital Serdannggg...

That was my second choice. My first choice was Hosp Putrajaya but I am very happy nevertheless!

So yea, just to share the good news with the world :D

And yep, Akmal is going to the same hospital with me :-p

-Because life is a test-


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Kerja oh Kerja


Tangan tengah gatal nak menaip, even though there are sooo many things I have to do in the kitchen; kupas bawang putih, bawang merah seguni tu, kemas pinggan mangkuk semua.. haih.

Ok anyway, let's talk briefly about my employment status.
So I had my SPA interview on Sept 3rd (two months ago now!), after having gone through all the procedures.
I registered with MMC, received my provisional registration number, sent my personal details form to KKM in Putrajaya (personally, mind you. Xnak post2 nih. Bahaya).
And till now, I am still waiting for panggilan penempatan.

There was an intake in late August, and I found out from Atikah that UKM students will be in that intake.
There were 740 names in that intake.
Then I found out from my interviewer that the next intake is going to be in late October. That was early Sept, so I was really hoping I can get into this late October intake because the next one after that will be late Dec (I asked KKM officer).

A month ago; one day after my KYUEM visit, KKM released the names enlisted for October intake.
And my name wasn't in =[
So that means I will be in the late December list, which will be released late November.

Some three weeks ago, I called KKM to ask if I REALLY am going to be in the Dec list, and they said "WE CANNOT SAY YET, WE DO NOT KNOW. IT DEPENDS ON OUR BOSS"
I was devastated.
I thought I WILL get the December panggilan for SURE.
But at that time, the October intake is not settled yet i.e the appeal process and all, they are still quite tied up and they have not started listing the names for December.

So last week I called again, since last week is the week the October intake have their induction course.
And they said "Well, our bosses have not had their meeting yet and we cannot say if those who were interviewed in September will be enlisted in this Dec list. Those who received their surat lantikan in August, will be in the list"

So that means, they take people by the interview dates.
That means, had I had my SPA interview earlier, I would have been in the August list!
And why did I not have my SPA interview earlier even though I completed the paperwork very early?
Because I did not know we have to call SPA to be put in the waiting list for interview!
I thought we have to just fill in the online SPA application form!


Since I am an overseas graduate, and there weren't many instructions lying around for us (mind you, the instructions given by MMC, JPA or SPA DID NOT mention calling SPA at all), we were left in a limbo. We did not if we have completed EVERYTHING required.

So Kiew and I called and called SPA Hotline.
And as people might have guessed, no one answered the phone.
We called, and called many many times a day, and many many days a week.
Until it was raya holiday.
So we called again after the one week raya holiday.
Until at last Kiew filed the ePertanyaan (or was it ePengaduan?) in SPA website. She then received a prompt reply, giving her the EXACT number for the dept that manages our interview.
And only then did we know we have to call to list our name in the waiting list.

So I wish my juniors will not do the same mistake as I did.
Call SPA to get ur names in the interview waiting list.
MMC registration can be done in a day or two (if you send your application personally and pick your certificate yourself).
SPA is the slow bit.

Ok lah, tu je.


-Because life is a test- -AkMaR-

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Of growing up

You know, I think I've aged quite significantly these past two months.
Ending my student life means I no longer receive the monthly living allowance from the Malaysian government, a privilege I have enjoyed for the past 7 years of my life.

I now have to start thinking about other things.
Not only to THINK about them, but TO WORK to get them.
I will need a car, I do not know where I will be posted to.
I want to get married, I need to plan it.

If I get a job in a nearby hospital, I can stay at home but if I get somewhere further, I will need to relocate myself there. That means I need to find a house / room and move myself out of this house now.
Renting a house will usually requires two months deposit + one month rental. I may need to furnish the house, at least a stove, rice cooker, some plates and kitchen stuff.
It's Preston all over again. But in Preston, there were 4 of us in the same boat.
I had Kiew, Syahidah and Ibrizah. We divided the cost, we bought vacuum cleaner, ironing board, pots and pans, broom and mop etc. I need to find new housemates now.

I may need a car. My mum's second car; the very useful Kelisa is for home-use. If I get a job in a different state, the car may not be able to survive a weekly or two weekly drive to and fro different states.
My siblings need the car off and on.
Buying a car needs thousands of RM for the downpayment.
All the RM0 downpayment scheme is a con. Do the maths, you will end up paying a lot more in total.

Bila la nk dpt keje ni.
My medical school final exam was in January, that means I have not studied properly for the past 9 months.
That's scary.
I graduated and came back to Malaysia mid July.
The next job intake is in December. If I am chosen to be in the December intake, that means I was unemployed for roughly 5 months.

People say I should enjoy my unemployed time now.
Time like this will never come again.
True. It will not.
So I should really use the time wisely now.

I just hope some people will stop using the "Work first, then we can talk" attitude.
It is as if as long as I am not working yet, I am not a complete adult.
I am still a child if I am not working.
It makes me angry with this "months of unemployment" because some people still see me as a child because I do not have a payslip yet.

Blergh, these are just some thoughts constantly in my mind now.
Enough of ranting.
I need to get ready to go somewhere now :)


-Because life is a test-

There, my cute little very useful red Kelisa


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Travel: Lembah Beringin, Tg Malim and Sg Klah

It's already October 1st! Time rockets, doesn't it?
I didn't write anything in September. Hmmph!

Anyway, let me talk about my latest cuti2 Malaysia.
On Sept 24th, Hui Fong and I went to Kolej Yayasan UEM (KYUEM in short), to give an informal talk to some A-Levels students there.
We were invited by Mr Allan, our Chemistry lecturer in INTEC.

It was actually very easy to get to KYUEM, just go onto PLUS highway, come out of the Lembah Beringin exit and go straight ahead. There will be plenty signposts in that area. The toll fare is RM8 if you come from Jalan Duta.

Th first sight of KYUEM as we drove towards the compound, before entering the guard house

The main entrance

Mr Allan invited us for an informal sharing session with his tutorial group.
I think this is something like the mentor mentee concept.

He even gave my car plate number and names to the guard house.
When I got there, the guard showed me a paper with my car registration number and Dr Siti Nur Akmar and Dr Tee Hui Fong written on it.
As usual (sadly), the guards aren't Malaysians hence they could not converse properly in Bahasa. One of them simply showed me the paper and pointed to my name "Ini? Ini?"

The first part of the talk was done in a lecture hall, and we then continued the second part in the chemistry lab because the hall will be used for another function.

Most of the students will be doing Medicine after this hence they had quite a lot of questions about medical school.

I think one of the issues that worry them most is "the life as a medical student". We always read those jokes where they say medical people don't usually have proper lives, because we are just too busy mugging up our books.
Well truthfully, I think those are exaggerations. Any field you decide to study in, will have their own challenges, esp before the exam. I enjoyed my student life very much.

One thing about KYUEM: they are very luxurious!

Hui Fong and I arrived more than an hour earlier than we should. I overestimated the distance (and perhaps my driving speed too), so we had plenty of time to drive around the campus before parking at the surau.

The students hostel are either chalets or apartments.
Mr Allan mentioned that each chalet accommodate 2 students. Wow...

We saw gardeners and cleaners everywhere in the compound hence the surroundings are very clean and well maintained.

There were also a sports complex which apparently houses an Olympic size swimming pool, tennis courts many other sporting facilities.
KYUEM is a perfect place for nerds!
They can focus in their study and do some sports.
But for someone who likes to shop, or perhaps a pure blood city kid, they might go crazy after a while.
KYUEM is so far from any city centre, the nearest town is Tanjung Malim (I've not been to Kerling, which is even nearer but after seeing Tg Malim, I don't think Kerling can offer much).

Cantik rumah2 dorg kn?

These are the boys hostels (or perhaps hotel?!)

After the talk, Hui Fong and I headed to Tg Malim in search of a hotel.
The night stay was sponsored :D

We went into Tg Malim, but could not find the actual town.
There were no internet coverage hence google maps was useless, I can't locate where I was.
Armoured with half tank of petrol, ability to read the signboards and determination (cewah), we explored Tg Malim (yet still could't find the actual town) and found this hotel; the LP Hotel.
It looked posh in the night, with its lighting and all.

At first we wanted to just survey a few hotels before finally deciding to stay in one, but because this LP Hotel man was very friendly and we were also quite tired and wanted to settle down, we quickly paid RM138 for a room with two single beds.

Two beds, quite cosy. Enough for the two of us

Two doors; the left is the entrance, the right door is the toilet

Mr Allan mentioned Garden Seafood, and even the friendly receptionist man suggested the restaurant.
It was actually very easy to get to the restaurant from LP Hotel; they were only 1km apart.
The hotel is on the left side of the road while the restaurant is on the right side, we needed to make a U-turn.
I am writing about this because I googled about Tg Malim before my trip there, and found quite a few bloggers writing about their journey here. They were quite helpful since Tg Malim is such a small town, there were not much info on it on the conventional tourism pages.

Garden Seafood is a halal Chinese seafood restaurant, but just like any other seafood restaurant (supposedly), the price is quite erm.....throat-cutting.
I've not actually been to a proper Chinese seafood restaurant in KL hence I could not say whether the price here is cheaper than in KL, but high chance it is.
Nevertheless, Hui Fong and I was quite in a "tourist" mood, we didn't mind spending for good food.

Without realising it, both of us ordered Mango juice. My God, the juice was so thick, almost like a smoothie. The man behind Hui Fong wasn't Caucasian. He's a Chinese with white hair, speaks English in his own weird accent but very friendly. He kept asking us to come again. I think he makes a good customer service liaison

I forgot what was this dish called. Something to do with lobster and cheese. There were no price in the menu, so we asked how much will it cost. The white-haired man said 100g lobster is about RM10. And a usual lobster is 400g and above. Oh well, it seems we will need to depend on him to choose "the appropriate size" lobster for only the two of us. Turns out this lobster cost RM50. The cheese sauce was very nice, and as an avid prawn lover, I did not regret the RM50. Although.....I really hope it can be cheaper!

This is asparagus cooked with garlic. Simple and plain looking. The veggie itself is tasty. But I think this veggie is really overpriced. RM10 for that plate! Asparagus cooked with belacan will cost us about RM7 extra if I am not mistaken

In the menu book, this was Udang Lipan (what?!) I've not tried this before but Hui Fong said this is quite a famous dish in a chinese seafood restaurant so we gave it a try. The prawns are coated with something, something like battered prawn?

And there you go.....RM84.60 *cry cry cry* We need more people in a group if we want to go to this kind of restaurant, so that we can order more dishes but able to share the cost with even more people

How the restaurant looked like from outside, at night. Yes, it was raining that night

Anyway, our night there was very peaceful.
Our room was in the second floor, with a window, a flat screen TV (quite small but it doesn't matter. We didn't even use it), but only two wall sockets! Fortunately we didn't use the TV, or we will have only one socket. They should provide extensions!
There were water heater in the toilet for shower, but no electric kettle facilities.

I brought some breads so we had that for breakfast the next morning.
In desperate need of a hot drink, we went down as there were some cafes in the same row.
To our disappointment, the cafe were still closed. It was about 9am.
The hotel can only provide us hot water, not hot drinks.
We switched our "UK mode" on, and walked towards the nearest petrol station; the BHP. There was a KFC there. We wanted to buy a cup of hot coffee there but one small cup of coffee cost RM3.30 even before all the stupid taxes!
Thankfully the BHP convenience store sold SUPER instant coffee. You know, the maggi cup look-alike? Well, that cost us only RM2.50 Hmmph!

The view from my room

The view of the hotel from outside during the day. Well, it doesn't look AS IMPRESSIVE as it did last night. At night, the LP Hotel wordings were lit up so nicely

The hotel sent us a hot water flask up to our room and we get to enjoy the coffee comfortably in our room.
Before checking out, I managed to take some pictures of the interior of the hotel. I think the hotel is very well decorated! The "antique" feeling is definitely there!

The first floor

The first floor

The first floor

I like this notice. There was one at the reception and another one in the "living room" upstair

To the second floor

Near the reception

After checking out. Well, Hui Fong said she looked ugly in this picture

The exterior

The exterior

Well now, comes the most exciting part: the hot springs!!
Yes, alang alang we already in Tg Malim, let's go to a hot springs!
I googled and found out that Hot Springs Sg Klah was one of the hottest attraction near Tg Malim.

It took us about an hour to reach there using the old road i.e non-toll road.
When I googled, the place was called Hot Springs Sg Klah.
As I drive there, two kinds of signboards appeared; Hot Springs Sg Klah and Felda Residences Hot Springs Sg Klah.
I did not know that they were the same place!
We drove very far into the villages, to the point that I was very glad that there were hot springs advertisement banners every 100m, reassuring me that I was driving to the right place.

And little did I know too, I have actually been to this place with my family 2 years back.
2 years back, I slept during the journey hence didn't notice the road. I only know that it was in Sungkai.
I didn't even pay attention to the name of the place =.="

Since I've stayed in the hotel there (2 yrs back), let me talk a little bit about it.

The hotel comes in either chalet or a double bed room.
The double bed room has two doors, one to the entrance and the other one as a connection to the adjacent room. That means if you have a bigger family, you can book two double bed rooms adjacent to each other and keep the connecting door ajar. So you will get a "bigger house" with two rooms. Get what I mean?

The room was nice.
With each room, you get two free tickets into the hot springs, which will have cost RM12 for adults and RM10 for children.
There was also complimentary breakfast; I do not know how much does that cost but the food was quite nice and there were lots of variety too. From Msian breakfast eg nasi lemak, roti canai, beehoon goreng to western breakfast eg cereals and toast.

The hot springs itself is also open to public with some entrance fee.
Once we paid, a little tram will drive us to the centre. The place is sign-posted very well, with maps.

The first picture upon arrival

The little tram which drove us to the centre

We have our bathing attire on from hotel hence we do not need to change when we arrive.
All we needed to do was to find a locker to put our things.
The locker cost RM3 everytime we open it! Haih.. So we need to put everything into the locker and will not be able to take anything out again unless we want to pay the second RM3.

So things to make sure u have with you:

Money:: I had RM20 with me to buy eggs to boil! :D I spent only RM5 though
Slippers:: It was verryy hot to walk barefooted in the compound. And you will destroy your nice shoes if you wear it with wet feet

And that's all.
That means, I had to keep my camera and handphone in the locker. Hence I could not take pictures of the pools, the egg boiling activity we did. *sayang betul*

We cannot bring eggs from outside (the lifeguard said sometimes the guard at the entrance inspect our bags. But our bags weren't checked on that day. But because there were only 2 of us at the egg boiling area, the person will definitely know we didn't buy eggs from them if we were to bring our own eggs).

Anyway, we get 6 eggs + a packet of soy sauce + a packet of white pepper + a bowl + a plastic spoon for RM5.
We even get another bowl and plastic spoon for free.
I really enjoyed the egg boiling. For some reason the eggs were a lot tastier haha.

There were one main hot springs pool, one big "cool" pool and a few small "jacuzzi style" pool.
There were also a private jacuzzi area, which cost RM75 per hour.
Since there were no one in there, we asked to go in and see.
I think it is a very nice area, and perhaps even worth it if we have many people that we can share the cost with.
5 will be enough though, or the area will be a little bit too crowded.
There were toilet, shower, a small shed with benches and a mirror in each private area. You get to be in there for an hour, which I think will be enough, considering we should not be in the jacuzzi for long.

One of the public jacuzzi style pool. 40-45°C! I can't even stand putting one foot in. I am not sure how people can put half their body in

And there we are. With our wrist bracelets

Now, it's time to drive home back to KL and traffic jam! :D

-Because life is a test-

This is how the private jacuzzi looks like. Nice kan? Cepat pergi honeymoon situ!
Photo Credit