Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The (TRUE) First Day of Work


Today is my real first day of work, since yesterday the closest and the only time I got to a patient was manually bagging a child while my new colleague gas him to sleep. I spent the first half of the day mostly by waiting; waiting for the admin clerk, wait for them again, then again. Then waited to see the consultant in charge of us, then a bit at the ICT department, then a bit longer at the Security Unit to get our ID card done (yep, they took pic there and then and yep also, as predicted - I didn't look like how I pictured myself smiling to the camera)

| Today |

I was in charge of E2 today ie the Emergency OT mainly for Orthopaedics cases. Lawak gler, I didn't know the semi-e case that my colleagues posted in the WhatsApp grp yesterday was meant to be my first case this morning. So I kinda ignored the patient, and the Sp at the patient's bed! 
She called me to give plan about the patient, I didn't even know she is my Specialist; hence I almost did not want to come to her. Then she introduced herself, and I smacked myself in my brain. Nasib baik dia tak garang. 

So my first and ONLY case was an acetabular fracture plating. Quite straightforward case - not much bleeding, the Sp induced with me and she allowed the HO to intubate with me standing by. 
After that, even though we had a long list, none can be called because all COVID RTKs were still pending 😑

| Premed |

After lunch and Zuhr, I went for premed. I had to premed only two surgical patients; but was delayed because 1) No OTMS yet, and 2) Deym Purple Code.
Purple Code is the code activated during the transfer of a positive COVID patient - hence the whole corridor needed to be cleared off staff and patients and visitors. So I was trapped and cannot go to the ward I wanted to. 

Only two patients; but I already feel very exhausted by the end of it. I think I am getting old (myself 10 years from now will snort at this remark. Kalau hidup lagi la)

| Balik Rumah |

It took me about 25mins only to reach home, including the time taken to refuel my car. Not bad eh? The jam has not started when I leave hence the short travel time. 
Tapi sampai rumah je, I felt so sleepy, I feel like going to sleep. 
Gone, gone is my plan to study. Even now, I am supposed to be studying but instead, I am writing my blog 😒

So I am ending this now, gotta go wash my face and kunun-kunun do the 100 Korean skin care steps and sleep early to go to work tomorrow. 

-Because life is a test- 


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  1. I always think that frontliner jobs is much harder than the Ministers job. I seriously hope that this pandemic will be over for good really soon (I doubt that but never stop hoping) here in Malaysia. Tengok pun tau penat, apakan lagi bahu yang memikul.