Friday, September 25, 2020

Preparing For A New Home


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So I mentioned I will be moving back to KL soon.

And I have found a house, well it is my mother's other house to be exact, and it is in the same housing area as my mum's so yeah, dduk balik almost bawah ketiak mak. 

Anyway, I have been imagining having my own house and being able to decorate it with love and passion and whatever, and now I get to do it! Akmal and I already own a house but we can't stay there yet because we have our own jobs and they are not in the state we are in so long story cut short, I can't really decorate that house because we are not going to stay there yet. 

I've also not been able to decorate this house nor my previous house in Putrajaya because well, they are rented and I don't feel stable enough to decorate them, as we might move out anytime. 

So this time, it is almost perfect 💓

It's my mum's house, which means I can do whatever I want, the house might be handed to me anyway and we'll be staying there for at least 4 years (that's the minimum time for a Masters programme). 

All I can think about now is how to decorate the house. 
I am thinking of the colours of the wall, should I install wainscoting and if I do, do I want to do it myself or hire someone to do them? I also want an accent wall but that's a bit too much to DIY, but a bit too extravagant to hire an interior deco.

Accent Wall: [Source]

Wainscoting: [Source: Facebook Hafis Ishak]

Master Bedroom | I am thinking of putting an accent wall on my bedhead, but I wonder if it will make the already small room looks even smaller. I want a King-sized bed, which might make the room even smaller. I already worry if there will be space for us to pray in the room. I already own a 8x8' wardrobe, and I wish I have the money to buy a new, more modern looking dressing table.  

Kitchen | The previous owner already built a kitchen top without the shelves, but they are green. Algae green, not emerald green. And I don't like it. Even the floor tiles are the pale green colour. It cost too much for me to overhaul the cabinet and the floor so I plan to put on some wallpaper to the kitchen top and live with the green tiles. Sew or hire someone to sew a curtain for the exposed kitchen cabinet. I also want to paint one of the kitchen wall emerald green, making it a feature wall and make the kitchen brighter. 

Living Room | We are buying a new sofa yes! I want to make our living room blue + white so I really hope we can find a sofa that suits both our budget and my theme. I wish to buy a new TV console too, this time with a drawer so that we can chuck things inside and make the living room looks more tidy. 

Dining Area | There is a small dining area in between the kitchen and the living room, but it is right in front of the toilet door. I hope I can decorate this area to look modern and chic and minimalist. We already have a big glass dining table, but no suitable dining chairs. One dining chair cost at least RM200 so if I want to buy 6 chairs, that is RM1200 there already. 

What I should be Doing Now

Not waste my time on trivial matters. 
I really should start writing them down; my budget, the paint codes, the designs I want etc, instead of just having them in my mind, abstract. 

Maybe this is the best time to resuscitate my dead BuJo.
I shall name it "Project Home" 😁

'til then,

-Because Life is A Test-


  1. Selamat bereksperimen doc. Mesti lawa rumah doc nanti

    1. Haha.. Thank you. Amiiin amiin. Tapi bajet x besar, kena slow2.

  2. Wahhh i'm so happy for you. goodluck on decorationg your house. ^^
    i'm sure it'll look awesome.