Tuesday, September 15, 2020


Restoran Ole-Ole Bali, IOI City Mall


5 months since my last post. 
I was overwhelmed with this SARI COVID thing - managing SARI ICU, fighting with Medical and ED almost all the time due to the ridiculously low threshold of "SARI patients". 

Then I just lost the enthusiasm of blogging. Even my bullet journal went down the drain. 
I simply lived my life. 

And then 31st July came - Hari Arafah.
And that was the day of Masters result!

And Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah, I got into MMed Anes and my husband into MMed Radiology.
The registration is in December so I have about 2 months left here, to pack my stuff and get my new house ready. 
Yes, plenty of time. 
I hope I won't procrastinate until I suddenly find I have no time to pack and move house!

Today I decided to kindle the blogging fire in me. 
Well, maybe not fire - somewhere there. 
So I bought myself a RM68 Blogger theme! Gila betul. 

The last one felt too "Blogger", like a famous-blogger-kind-of-theme.
And I felt superficial with it. 
So I bought this one, cleaner - but perhaps not worth the money. 
But whatever lah. 

Hope this theme lasts long.
Perhaps I should start joining giveaways. 

-Because life is a test-

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