Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Crazy Covid


A very short entry today.
I've been very busy since Covid pandemic.
We are going full force, getting ready for the third wave.
And donning doffings to attend PUI patients are no joke.

I sweat litres every day, gulped down 500mls water in one go and still does not PU as often.
I don't have time to read people's blogs, what more sit down and write my own.

Let's all pray all of us come out of this war unscathed 💪🙏


Lots of love,


  1. Hi, dr.Akmar. Just stumbled upon your blog today. I was searching for Medex actually. If I may ask, did you pass your Medex? Im interested in taking radiology. I learnt that your husband did studied for Medex Radiology too (if im not mistaken i read this in one of your previous posts. May I know what books do he recommends in order to prepare for the exam? Thanks for your time in reading my questions. I dont mind of late reply. I just found out about Medex. No idea where else can I get more sources regarding this *shedtears

    1. Hi there. I did not take MedEx as Anaesth does not require medex as the entrance requirement. My husband sat for medex for radioloogy. He said it is more of Anatomy. There was a pre-Master course that was held last year and it helped him in knowing the percentage of subjects asked in Medex. He mostly used past years / exercise books and just do lots and lots of questions.