Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lies Lead Nowhere

Seriously, lies lead nowhere.

When I was in my last yr of high school, one of my teachers gave a talk.
I forgot what was the talk for but he mentioned about lying.
He said one lie leads to another lie on so on and so forth.
There will be no ending until you admit the first lie was a lie, and so were the rest.
And then, there you go. Doomed!

-I am not pointing to anybody in this post. Just a random reminder for you and me-

You bought that phone second hand, but you told people you bought it first hand, from a original shop. First lie.
People will start asking how much you bought it for, you gotta give an expensive price, original phone shop DOES NOT sell phone cheap. Second lie.
People start putting their nose into your business, where did you get your money from? Your monthly income won't be able to give you that phone. There comes the third lie.
And questions will keep coming in until the lies you make sounds terribly illogic.
But what to do? You're stucked.
You either continue lying or admit you lied, from the beginning.

That was the example that teacher gave.

So believe me, lies lead nowhere.
People might look convinced, but most probably they are not.
Deep in their hearts, they know you're lying.
They just wanna play along, not disclosing your lies.
Sometimes, trying to not making you embarrassed.
Sometimes, just to see how far would you go with the lies.
But, what kind of people will you be in their eyes?

And this reminds me of the story of the boy, with his sheep and a wolf.
Know this famous children story?

There was a boy, who was supposed to herd his sheep.
And one day, he was so bored that he decided to play a joke on his villagers.
He came running into the village, screaming "A wolf is attacking my sheep!!!"
And then came lots of men with their weapons to chase the wolf away, and found out there's no wolf anywhere in sight.
And the boy laughed, saying it was only a joke.
The villagers were very angry but decided not to do anything to him, since he was just a boy, although an old one.

After a few weeks, he did the same thing again. And the villagers came running again to save his sheep but found out they were being tricked, again.

And then he did it for the third time, and the villagers were tricked again.

After a few weeks, a wolf really came and attack his sheep.

He came running into the village asking for help but no one believed him.
He cried and begged, none of the villagers fell for his pleas.
And he lost some of his sheep, for real.
The villagers then got to know that the attack was a real one, but it was already too late.

He then regretted for the pranks he did, which cost him the trust of his villagers and some of his sheep.

Ok, I shall get back to study.

And I think this title of my post should be rectified.
Lies lead to nowhere somewhere, they lead to DESTRUCTION.


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