Friday, May 14, 2010

Remind Thyself

1. I always need to remind myself, "Do not make any decision when you are angry, or sad. Let things settle down first... Compose yourself first....... Cool down.. Do something else, distract yourself.... Don't think about it.... "

2. I've just spent 35mins on phone with my former housemate, Nurul Atikah in India... And it was a very precious one. I called while driving and so, my left hand is now vry tired (i used my right hand to hold the steering). Yeah, I know it's very bad and dangerous to call while driving but...........

3. I hvnt been having time to update my blog for the past 2 weeks (?) due to the piles of notes and books pestering me to touch and revise them. And my exam is nxt Friday! =(

4. Sometimes I wonder, why do all the problems arise very near to exams?
Why don't they come when I'm free, during the holidays maybe?
Or the beginning of the semester?
Why must they fight for my attention when my exam is just around the corner?
Then, I realised....
Nearing the exams, we (I believe this does not apply only to me) became more vulnerable, more  susceptible to problems around us when all those things do not actually bother us before, when our minds are free.
And so, we became crankier and more sensitive and irritable.

5. I've just finished watching Thomas Cup match between Lee CW (Malaysia) and Lin Dan (China). And I dislike the way the sports announcer reviewing the match. He speaks badly about Lin Dan. Why can't he just praise Lee CW without criticising Lin Dan? Why must he start saying Lin Dan is known to be an arrogant player, even his colleagues can't stand him? Why must he criticises Lin Dan's facial expression when LD thought the ball is going out of the court when it didn't at the end?
Hahah... I'm now criticising the sports announcer without even knowing who he is.
But I believe, we should never hope for the opponent's failure, but our victory instead.
We should never attack our counterpart personally, but based on professionalism instead.
To indulge in a debate, you can refute your opponent's points, but never attack him personally.

6. I want to write a post about the Palestin Charity Bazar I went to last weekend, but I hvnt had the time yet. I owe that one post. I'll write it after my exam next Friday (oohh, it wont be hot anymore)

7. This post is very unorganised, I know that. I talked a lot of unrelated topics. But they just came out of my mind. I'm merely channelling it here. =)

Because life is a test.


Friday 14 May 2010

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  1. salam akmar.please do write about the viva palestina charity bazaar when u're free.. :)) i wanted to write abt it, but i realised the pictures were all in ur cam.. :DD thank you & will be looking forward to read them :DD