Saturday, May 22, 2010

VPM Charity Bazar

Yes, as I promised,  I'll write about the charity bazar I went last 2 weeks, on 8th and 9th May.
The bazar was held in Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC) and was organised by Viva Palestina Malaysia.
And I actually volunteered myself to help out in the bazar.
Together with my friend, Diana Rizal who was just liberated from her first semester exam... :P
And the person who led to my involvement was Mr Allan, my former Chemistry lecturer, introducing me to VPM or COMPLETE as it was once known as.

That was my first time going to BSC and I was supposed to reach there at 8.30am. I started my journey almost one hour earlier, hoping I won't get lost. Alhamdulillah, the course was very clear and easy and I reached BSC in less than 30 mins! Wow... Even going to IMU in a heavy traffic will take me more than 40mins! 

When I walked into BSC, no one was there and I sort of got lost in the complex, until I met Mr Allan, who introduced me to his fellow colleagues in VPM. While helping out in arranging the food to be sold, I noticed that there are really lots of food and I'm very amazed by the teamwork displayed by everyone. 

The food were all donated by some ladies to VPM to be sold and the profit will be used to help out the Palestinians in Gaza (do you know that Gaza is STILL the biggest "prison" on earth?") and for VPM to organise awareness campaigns so that more and more people will know the cruelty of the Zionist. There were altogether 4 floors where various booths were put up. And lucky me, I was assigned to man the toys booth! With Diana! Hahah... *I like!*

The lowest floor were where all the clothes, handbags and shoes were. The two successive floors were for food, books and some cookware. While on the uppermost floor was the most interesting one (apart from the food, of course), the children's section! Since I man the toys booth in the children's section, I'll talk more of the happenings there. :)

The toys and childen's clothes sold in the booth I'm in charge of were all donated by all those generous people out there. There were soft toys of various sizes and guess what, the price was RM7 and lower! Yes, the most expensive is RM7 only and some of the toys were huge and was really expensive ones. Imagine, a RUSS bear for only RM7?! Mine was RM59.90! 

And yes, that Pooh I'm hugging was only RM7. My mum's lucky that my room isn't big so I can't possibly add another huge soft toy to put in my room. 

There were also children's clothes and most of it are for little babies less than a year old. Oh my, how I wished I have a brother or sister that small. Even my cousins are too big for that. And guess what? It was sold for only RM4 one piece! And they are all branded ones, Poney, Anakku and even GAP! Babies grow out of their clothes very fast and so the clothes are barely stained, some even looked very new... 

 One of the best thing was, right next to the toys booth was a booth for books! And it was managed by our very own Sis Zabrina A. Bakar, the writer of Life is An Open Secret books. Honestly I didn't know she was the writer until another lady from the stall asked Diana if she wants to get the signature of the author for her newly bought book. And I was shocked. She was a very friendly lady, generous of smiles and funny too. 

And seriously, there were lots of interesting books sold there! And I always find my leg walking towards the stall and my fingers started browsing thru the books without my permission. Aissh... 

There were children's story books, colouring books and lots of novels and non-fictions as well. Most of them are second-hand ones but hey, I really don't mind reading second hand books! I've gotten too accustomed with public library books. 

Not only books and toys, there were also sand art section. That usual game for little kids where they were supposed to put on coloured sand on the sticker picture they bought, and make it as interesting as they can! It's been years since the last time I tried one of it and I've nvr had the imagination to play with it again until......she planted that thought into my mind! But as I didn't have much time to do it on the first day, I decided to do it on the next day, Sunday.

There were also colouring and drawing competition. Luckily drawing comes second after one of the things I cant do; changing my car tyre. Or else, I'll be there at the drawing contest section playing with crayons and water colour. :P

Not only that, there was a balloon man! (I noticed the child in me was trying very hard to get out of me that weekend, and it's very very hard to control her. Blergh,  I dont think I really did try to control her. Heh...) I managed to get a flower balloon bracelet from the uncle. *wink*  Duh, I wish to wear those 

balloons on the head like these boys. 

Me and Diana didn't really take care of the money on the first day hence I do not know how much did we make on the first day. Our job was to fold back all the clothes which the customers accidentally messed up while choosing the ones they want. But we were fully in charge of the money for the second day and my, I'm glad we sold quite a lot of soft toys and babies clothes! 

What else should I talk about that memorable weekend?
Oh, let's talk bit about food.
There were some food by the Palestinian Embassy, apart from the delicacies donated by generous Malaysians. We finished our shift at the toy booth at 1.30pm, so we missed most of the delicacies, they were sold out! :( 
Nvm-lah, that shows just how good the sale were, for some of the booths. :)

What Have I Got For Myself?

Hurm I think this is a compulsory heading. Me, sitting at a toy booth, next to a bookstall for more than 5 hours for two consecutive days, it's gonna be a miracle if  I managed not to buy anything! =p

Toyss....  Yeaaaaa... I got myself two soft toys. A small bear for my study desk and another one for my car. And yes, I gave him (yes, it's a him) a birthdate! 

And books? Hahah.. I bought like 5 or 6 books! The most expensive was only RM7. My my, I'm preparing the books to be read during my semester break...hahah..  

All of the books I bought were second hand ones and they're all still nice and interesting. And imagine, I bought a Sophie Kinsella book for only RM5. Plus some other books!

Jealous? Hahah... =p

Hurm, I think that's all I can write about the wonderful weekend I spent in BSC. I spent more than 2 hrs here I think. And oh yea! I met new acquaintance, her name is Claire. She was in charge of the toy booth as well. Together with her friend, and her friend's daughter Tyra. They are all nice people.. =)

To read the more official write up on the event, click here. =)
I really hope more of this event can be organised. Duh, I know the organisers behind this event will be very2 tired while I enjoyed my time over there.  

Ya Allah ya Rabb, please send your deadly punishment to those Zionists out there, for killing Palestinians heartlessly, murdering the children, women and elderly inhumanely

With this, adios!



  1. 1) u left out the cool foto syahid's sister took for us!
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  2. 1) oh yea!! Yg picture yg ada claire tu ek?
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