Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2nd Day of Exam

Looks like I'm gonna blog about my exam days everyday. And for today's OSPE (Objective Structured Practical Exam), my comment will be:


Okay. That's it.
Let's move on.

No wonder seniors said OSPE is the paper that will either kill you or bring your grades up.

Anyway, tomorrow is OSCE (OS Clinical Exam).
And this is my first time doing an OSCE, apart from the mock OSCE IMU gave us before.
And since I feel like talking writing, I'll just explain how OSCE will be held.

There will be 5 stations altogether and everyone will start at a different station. Since we've got our timetable and grouping already, I know that I'll start with station 7. So, what will happen is, in front of the room (station 7), there will be a question paper. And once the bell rang, I have 40seconds to flip the paper and read the instruction. It may be a history taking station, where I'll need to take history (basic and sufficient information) from the patient in that room. Or it can be a physical examination question. Eg, question says patient has tension pneumothorax, perform physical examination etc etc. So, I'll have to decide what to do, how to do it or what they possibly ask.

Then the bell will ring again, and I'll have 5 minutes to go into the room, take history or perform the examination, with an examiner standing there, observing how I do it. After 5 minutes, the bell will ring again, and regardless of whether I've finished examining @ questioning the patient or not, I have to get out of the room, go to station 8 (the next room) because another set of question will be waiting for me, and the 40 seconds had actually started! And if station 7 was a history taking station, station 8 will be where I need to answer questions based on the informations I asked from the patient in station 7.

See the tense?
I'm afraid I might go blank when I see the examiner. Some of them are really fierce (I heard from seniors and friends).
But some of them always try their best to hint us what we missed *May God bless them*.

1) My left middle finger is swollen, I've been practising my percussion during every free time I had for the past two days.

2) I got jaundice, pallor and cyanosis all confused and jumbled up, since they are all abnormal discolouration of the skin.

3) And I hope I get "nice" examiners tomorrow. Even if they don't help me with the hints, at least they won't put the "I-know-you're-not-going-to-score-well" face on them.

4) I think I'll continue reading my notes after this.

5) And I think I sound pathetic in this post.

6) And this is a very self-centred post.


Tuesday 29th June 2010


  1. 7) I think I love you.and i think..no.i'm very sure this monday i got class to attend.

    orked :)

  2. Hahahah...
    8) This Monday? 5th July start class ek? O man....kecepatan!

    Xpe xpe, awal2 tu macam still relax lagi...
    Lecturers' favourite greeting waktu dh msuk sem3: "Good to see you guys here" or "Congratulations for passing EOS2". Hahah...