Wednesday, June 30, 2010


No, this post is not going to talk about how I did for my OSCE.
I'm writing this about 1hr 30mins before I'll be quarantined for the OSCE.

I do not know what to read anymore, but I feel guilty if I do other things instead of reading so, I ended up writing this post.

Just feel like sharing some beautiful photos and no, I didn't capture them.

"Simply because I need calmness and serenity now*

Nicely painted bedroom

Uniquely painted workroom

This was made from toothpicks!!

Nice house beside the lake with beautiful garden. I was told this is a house in Holland. I won't be able to verify anyway.

She'll have very well developed and strong calf muscles. =p


Wednesday 30th June 2010


  1. Well...

    p.s. (I hope it was good)

  2. It was......I think I'll write a separate post on that. =p