Monday, June 28, 2010


Assalammualaikum. =)

I had a terribly bad dream last night.
I can barely sleep, I had this "vision" and "feelings" where almost everything I studied was flashing, passing through my mind. It was almost as if I'm doing a full-blast revision in a night but, while sleeping. And I was very exhausted when I woke up, in fact I didn't feel like waking up. And I don't remember a single thing that "flashed through" my mind during my sleep. I'm pretty sure a lot of drug names came out.
I also had this weird dream of my friends while we're in KKB. Something REAL BAD happened to some of us, there were tears and tense, and I don't feel like writing about it.

I revised even during driving, with my notes on the front passenger seat, I was able to read it during the jam. Yeah, pathetic and dangerous, I know. =D
But once I reached IMU, somehow I felt better, although I walked into the hall feeling like I know nothing.

It's funny that we always feel like we do not know anything. It's like everything is just so blurr. But when the question papers in our hands, and the questions read, we know the answers (though not to all questions). I smiled to myself during the first two questions of EMQ (Extended Matching Q), I've just revised the drug names yesterday so they are still fresh in my mind. And when it came to the 3rd Q, I almost wanted to squeak. The theme was: "Blood Transfusion Reaction", and I studied NOTHING on that. I didn't even open the notes and flip through it. And that's how I totally, randomly "guess" the answers, and it cost me 25% of the whole paper.

Anyway, I don't think I wanna write much now. Just finished revising some anatomy and went through pathology pictures. I need sleep more than anything else now.


Monday 28th June 2010


  1. Looking back, could/should you have predicted BTR was going to come up? It seems (to an outsider) like a quite fundamental issue.

  2. Nope, some of my friends were equally shocked at the questions as well. There were a lot of possible questions and BTR wasn't one in the "more important" list. Anyway, I can only give excuses *sigh*, nothing changed the fact that I did badly for that one section (unless if I was really blessed on that day that I made all the correct guesses)