Sunday, June 13, 2010

Why Can't Anyone Do Anything?

A conversation with a 5 year old,

"Do you know that there is a country named Palestine? This country has been "closed" by a group people. This group of people is called the Zionists. Now, the people in Palestine had been suffering for more than 60 years. They don't have enough water, they don't have clothes to wear. And when they are sick, there is no medication for them. Do you know that at nights, the weather there is very-very cold? They don't have enough blankets and sweaters to keep them warm. Sometimes, army from the Zionist group of people will come into their houses and kill their parents, maybe take away their sisters. Then their houses will be destroyed, just like how you disassemble your LEGO.

There is actually a way out of Palestine. In fact, there are many. But, one of the easiest way out has been closed by another group of people; the Egyptians. Egyptians are actually brothers and sisters of the Palestinians. They are supposed to be good people, and help the Palestinians, like how your older brother will come help you when you're bullied. But, there are some people in this country named Egypt who are very bad. All they can think about is money and power. So, they close the way out because, they were paid to.

"Don't the Palestinians fight back?"

"Ah yes, of course they fight back. They have been fighting for more than 60 years. It's very hard to keep fighting for 60 years you know...."

"But, isn't there anyone to help them?"

"Yes, a lot of people tried to help them. Some of these good people board on a lot of ships. They want to send food, clothes, medicine and toys to the people in Palestine.. But, the Zionist people attacked their ships. They sent helicopters, and commandos on to the ship. They also kill some of the good people."

"Why don't someone else send helicopters or aeroplanes too?"

"Oh, because the good people doesn't have much money"

"Why didn't the rich people help?"


"Has the Zionist people been punished? Bad people must always be punished so that they won't repeat their mistakes. That is what you always tell me."

"Err... They haven't been punished."

"Who can punish them? Can anyone send helicopters to them? Or scold them so that they will not dare to do the same bad thing?"

"Err... It's all very complicated dear. Some people who have the power, dare not or will not punish them. Some people who really want to punish them do not have the power to do so. Some people don't even know that Palestine exist. Some people know, but they are too busy with their own lives."

"But why? No one is more powerful than the zionist people? That's not possible"

"Yes, there is. God is the Most Powerful. He will punish them when the time has come. For now, let us pray that all the good people will be given good health, good thinking and good lives so that they can continue their fights. Amin."



Sunday 13th June 2010

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