Tuesday, November 30, 2010

For The First Time

For the first time in my almost 2 yrs in IMU, I went into the student lounge..... to chill.

"Get a life!" was what my friends told me after lunch just now. Heh... ;p
But what is that life actually? What is that life that I have yet to taste?
Is it any better than the life I'm having now?
I guess it really depends on the definition of lifeeach individual have.

Anyway, I was in the lounge because my outing with my bestie was cancelled, due to some personal health reason, and I found myself amputated, having neither my laptop, study materials or even novels with me. And since the SRC room will only be opened in 1.5hrs time, we can't get our hands on any of the board games. I managed to stay like 30mins in the lounge and excused myself soon after. If not for the vast amount of work waiting for me at home, or at least if I have my novel or laptop to keep me company, I might stay there, chilling with friends. So sorry friends, I left earlier.

Anyway, I managed to quite a lot of errands for my family today; brought my brother to the barber, to the camping equipments shop to buy his torchlight, cooked dinner (yes!), iron the clothes and some other stuff.

And I also changed a little bit more of my blog design. I don't know why but, I'm always dissatisfied with the outcome. And when I'm satisfied with it, I'll find myself getting bored over the design after a few months. So much for being loyal eh?

Tuesday 30 November 2010


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